Safety production is inseparable from the word “complete”

Safety work is a systematic project. 1n order to do a good job in safety production and prevent accidents, we must work hard on the word “complete”, so that we can learn, think, prevent and check completely

safety learning should be complete. Marx once said, “a little knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance.” To learn, it is necessary to learn in an all-round way. We can’t have a half understanding, specious, and even more can’t pretend to understand. Comprehensive learning means that the content of safety learning should be comprehensive, the relevant laws and regulations of the state should be learned, the safety management system of the unit should be learned, and the safety technical operation procedures of various specialties should also be learned, so as to continuously improve the overall safety quality and safety production ability of employees. Comprehensive learning means that every safety professional knowledge should be learned in depth, not simply. Some people only learn a little, they think they can do everything. 1n practical work, they don’t know how to deal with emergencies. They often violate the rules and act recklessly because they don’t understand safety knowledge, which eventually leads to safety accidents. Safety learning, only truly learn, learn deeply, learn carefully, learn to understand, in the actual work can be at ease, handy

think carefully before you work” Everything is done in advance There is no trivial matter in safety production. Safety accidents may happen in one’s own second, which is a kind of negligence and a temporary carelessness. Therefore, we should carefully consider the possible safety problems before doing any work, pay attention to the details of safety work, and eliminate all kinds of potential safety hazards in time. Any work should be planned in advance, work measures should be formulated comprehensively and carefully, and be able to cope with all kinds of emergencies at any time. 1n the work, we must always tighten the safety string, firmly do not produce unsafe

accidents should be prevented completely. With the improvement of mechanization and automation of all kinds of equipment, labor productivity has increased and labor intensity has decreased, but it has also brought many factors that may cause personal injury. We must have a clear understanding of these injuries and be on guard at all times. 1t is necessary to prevent both trauma and internal injury, and pay attention to personal and equipment safety in actual operation. According to the actual work, workers should wear all kinds of protective equipment and protect all parts of the body. They should not only prevent themselves from hurting themselves, but also prevent others from hurting themselves or others

the safety inspection should be complete. Carrying out regular safety inspection is one of the important means to prevent accidents. Many accidents can be completely avoided as long as they are checked in advance, hidden dangers are found and rectified as soon as possible. 1n order to avoid accidents, it is necessary to carry out all-round safety inspection. The “complete” inspection is reflected in the following points: first, the personnel involved should be complete, including professionals, managers and actual operators; Second, the types of inspection should be comprehensive, including daily inspection, seasonal inspection, special inspection, regular inspection and irregular surprise inspection; Third, the contents of the inspection should be complete, not only the equipment, electricity and site, but also the system, thought and staff’s emotion; Fourth, the inspection plan should be complete, and a comprehensive and detailed work plan should be formulated in advance. We must not skim by, let alone become a mere formality or do not check at all. The hidden dangers found in the inspection should be rectified immediately, and those that can not wait or be delayed should be promptly taken preventive measures to implement the rectification in place. Only in this way can the safety production cycle be extended continuously

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