safety production is the lifeline of enterprise development

QianPi company regularly carries out safety production training and safety self inspection

safety production is the lifeline of enterprise development. Today, when we enter Qiandaohu Beer Co., Ltd., what we see is not only the orderly and clean production environment in front of us, but also the importance of safety behind it

Fang Leping, head of the environmental protection and safety section, has been in the company for nearly ten years. 1n his words, in the past, leaders used to do whatever they wanted, but now, no matter what they do, safety is the first thing they think of

since the end of 2014, his department has changed from the original security department to the environmental protection and safety department, and the concept of safe production has become more and more profound. He believes that many safety accidents happen inadvertently. Habitual Violation of rules and regulations by employees, unsafe state of objects and defects in management all lead to accidents

Fang Leping recalled that in front of the loading platform, there were often staff standing on the roof of the car to cover the rain cloth and tie the rope. The car was about 4 meters high. 1n the past, we can see that there will be a staff member below to help command, shouting “be careful”, “slow down, slow down”, “left, right”, “pay attention to safety” and so on. 1’ve been working for several years, and 1 don’t think there are potential safety hazards in this kind of work

“until one time the company organized safety training, we saw a German company’s high-altitude work safety protection device in the video. When the operators were working at high altitude, they were protected by falling preventers and safety belts and were moving on the slide.” Fang Leping said that all the personnel who attended the training at the scene suddenly realized that as long as they wear protective facilities properly, they don’t have to be careful about the safety problems of working at height

nowadays, the company has installed fall arrest devices and safety belts in the car cover, rain release cloth, rope binding and operation area, which has obvious improvement effect and completely eliminated the potential safety hazards of manual operation. This set of safety protection device is known as “lifeline”

safety protection focuses on details. Fang Leping said that in the past, in the packaging workshop, there were beer dregs all over the floor, which made it unsafe for employees to walk. Although someone was cleaning every day, sometimes some employees were stabbed. Later, the company purchased a batch of steel plate labor protection shoes and distributed them to every employee. After that, there was almost no work-related injury caused by stabbing or smashing feet by beer” Although the wearing of labor protection shoes is a little bulky, it can play a protective role and also bring security to employees. “

walking in front of the management Kanban wall of the brewing Department of the enterprise, there are various safety production columns and exposure tables, such as wearing protective glasses and gloves when operating the bench drill; The steam valve of boiler should be operated on the side; Each department will issue the safety inspection and rectification situation every month to assess the employees

Liao Huixu, assistant to the general manager, said that all departments will arrange safety training every month, and personnel at or above the level of director must also participate in the safety production assessment, and they can only be qualified to stay in the management position if they have reached 80 points or above

at present, the company has passed the secondary safety production standardization, strict safety production system and strong safety production awareness. 1t can be said that Qiandaohu Beer Co., Ltd. is the benchmark of safety production in Chun’an County

Chun’an County, located in the west of Zhejiang Province, has a large number of mines, construction sites, small enterprises and small workshops, and its safety foundation is weak. 1n recent years, it has been vigorously promoting safety production training and social services to improve the safety level of enterprises. At the same time, it has been continuously promoting publicity and education to let ordinary citizens participate in and strengthen the safety awareness

especially in terms of training, Chun’an has first-class hardware training conditions at present. 1t has set up five major training projects, with an average annual training volume of more than 5000 person times. Since October last year, all of them have been assessed by computer examination

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