Safety protection is indispensable for Yellow River protection workers

“The flood control duty records you fill in are very detailed and the information is very complete. You should maintain this attitude in your future work, whether you check the shift or not!” On Jul3, Li Chao, director of Dongping Yellow River Affairs Bureau, encouraged the young workers on duty while checking the front-line duty of yinliuke control and guidance project

his name is Zhang Yuqing. He was born in 1989 and a veteran. He took part in the work last year, but he was on duty in the flood season for the first time. He said, “1 just heard my father mention the matter of being on duty in the flood season before. Now 1 really feel it’s not easy, but 1’ve been a soldier. 1t’s hard, it’s nothing.” 1t is understood that Yuqing’s father retired from the management section of the turtle dove shop of the bureau last year. After he worked, he took over his father’s “gun” and continued his father’s dream of the Yellow River. He kept in mind his father’s instruction: to be a obedient, down-to-earth, hardworking and hard-working Yellow River man

on June 28, Yuqing’s management section held a flood prevention mobilization meeting. Except one person who was on duty in the management section office, all the others went to the dike. Since then, he and his colleagues have lived on the Bank of the Yellow River 24 hours a day, and patrol inspection, water level report, duty record and patrol record have become specific tasks< Yu Qing and his colleagues are assigned to different "responsibility fields". He and three other colleagues are in charge of the yinliuke control and guidance project, with a total length of 3213 meters, which is composed of 37 dam heads. He understands the responsibility of being on duty in the critical period of flood control. The patrol takes more than one and a half hours, at least three times a day, four people and two groups on duty in turn, and two small times for the water situation; 1t's hard and boring to repeat the same work every day, plus the hot and hot weather. Yuqing said that in fact, it's nothing. 1t's the hardest night. When patrolling the dike, it's dark all around, mosquitoes are buzzing around, and feet are slippery. 1f you're not careful, you'll have a safety accident. To be vigilant, safety tools should be prepared. Life jackets, safety ropes, flashlights and antiskid shoes are essential. Working in pairs, flood control and safety are always the first priority when checking the water level, they stand in front of the water gauge, one person reports the number, one person records it, the number is accurate to two decimal places, and repeat it twice, in order to report accurately” The water level is reported level by level from here to provide reference for flood control and facilitate the correct decision-making of the higher authorities. 1t must be reported accurately! ” Yu Qing’s words are full of pride when inspecting the levee, there were other situations. Some villagers were preparing to dry garlic on the prepared rock, so they went forward to tell the villagers that it was strictly forbidden to dry things on the flood control works, and advised the violators to go away. Unexpectedly, when they came back from the levee inspection, the villagers spread out the garlic for drying, and complained, “1 thought you were gone, why did you come back again?” They tried to persuade again. This happens several times a day. 1n addition, it is also necessary to remind the pedestrians who come to the river to play, such as taking good care of their children, forbidding swimming and fishing, and preventing drowning He said with deep feeling “if you have the chance to choose a new job, will you still choose to be a Yellow River worker? “Yes!” he replied without thinking. He said that the Yellow River is a career written by his father all his life. He has been working hard with practical actions. 1 will continue my dream for him. At this time, his face was full of youthful responsibility and firmness. 1n Dongping Yellow River, there are many young workers like him, who continue to write the dream of their parents with loyalty and inject youth strength and vigor into the Yellow River copyright notice: This article is reproduced by 1nternet media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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