Safety protection methods of temporary electricity

(1) the construction organization design (scheme) must be made according to the requirements of relevant regulations and specifications for temporary power utilization, and the necessary office files must be established< (2) a regular inspection system for on-site lines and facilities must be established for temporary power consumption, and the inspection records shall be filed for future reference (3) the temporary distribution lines must be erected in order according to the specifications, and the overhead lines must be insulated wires, not plastic flexible wires, not bundles of overhead laying, nor open laying along the ground< (4) construction equipment, vehicles and personnel should keep a safe distance from internal and external power lines. When the minimum distance specified in the specification cannot be reached, reliable protective measures must be taken (5) the distribution system must implement hierarchical distribution. The installation and internal setting of various distribution boxes and switch boxes must comply with relevant regulations. The electrical appliances in the box must be reliable and in good condition, and the type selection and setting value must meet the requirements. The purpose of the switch electrical appliances shall be indicated (6) independent distribution system must adopt three-phase five wire neutral protection system according to relevant standards, and non independent system can adopt corresponding neutral or grounding protection mode according to the actual situation on site. All kinds of electrical equipment and electrical construction machinery metal shell, metal support and base must be taken reliable neutral or grounding protection according to regulations. At the same time, two-level leakage protection devices must be set up to implement classified protection and form a complete protection system. The selection of leakage protection device shall meet the requirements. All kinds of tall facilities must be installed with lightning protection devices according to regulations< (7) the use of hand-held electric tools should comply with the relevant provisions of national standards. The power cord, plug and socket of the tool shall be in good condition, the power cord shall not be arbitrarily extended and replaced, the external insulation of the tool shall be intact, and the maintenance and storage shall be in the charge of a special person (8) where 220 V power supply is used for lighting in general places, wiring and lamps must be installed according to regulations, and leakage protector shall be installed on the side of power supply. Safe voltage illuminator shall be used in special places according to relevant regulations. When using portable lamp for lighting, the power supply voltage shall not exceed 36 V, the lamp body and handle shall be solid and well insulated, and the power line shall use rubber sheathed cable instead of plastic wire. The portable lamp transformer shall be equipped with moisture-proof and rain proof facilities (9) the welding machine should be equipped with a separate switch. The shell of electric welding machine shall be provided with neutral or grounding protection. The length of the primary line should be less than 5 m, the length of the secondary line should be less than 30 m, the wiring on both sides should be crimped firmly, and a reliable protective cover should be installed. The welding handle wire shall be in place with double wires, and it is not allowed to use metal pipes, metal scaffolds, rails and structural steel bars as loop ground wires. The welding handle wire is not damaged and the insulation is good. The location of welding machine should be moisture-proof, rain proof and smash proof China labor insurance net

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