Safety protection should be paid attention to when dismantling the 100m boom at high altitude

yesterday, a 260 ton heavy crane lifted a 100 meter boom and targeted the two-story building on the top of Block C of Weber times center in Zizhuyuan District, Haidian District. Since it was reported in October 2012, after one year and eight months, the illegal building, which occupies more than 1600 square meters, was finally demolished

forced demolition site: the first 260 ton heavy crane is used to demolish the illegal building

the high yellow boom extends from the ground to the top of the 25th floor, and it makes people dizzy to look up at this group from the downstairs. Yesterday, a 260 ton heavy crane was in place in front of Block C of Weber times center, which is located on the north side of Central University for nationalities< According to Li Song, deputy leader of Zizhuyuan street law enforcement team of Haidian Urban Management Bureau, block C of Weber times Center originally had only 23 floors, but a two-story steel frame structure was built on its top, covering an area of 1629.6 square meters the illegal building is located at an altitude of nearly 100 meters, which is the highest illegal building encountered in the demolition task in Haidian District. 1-beam is used in the illegal construction, which cannot be transported by elevator after demolition. For this reason, Haidian urban management department for the first time to use 260 tons of heavy crane for aerial work. The crane is mainly used for transportation and protection the workers at the construction site said, “the price of the crane for one day is 15000 yuan.” The whole project is expected to cost millions of yuan, which is currently paid by the government. The reporter learned that the cost of demolishing the illegal construction should be borne by the illegal constructors. However, some illegal constructors could not be found for a while, so they had to be paid by the government it is understood that the demolition project is very difficult, and the construction will be stopped in the fourth wind and thunderstorm days. 1t is estimated that the demolition will be completed in one month at the earliest. The urban management department will supervise on site every day and restore the original state after dismantling the illegal construction reporter’s visit: there are still companies at work in the demolished buildings put on the safety helmet, and the reporter followed the construction personnel to the demolished buildings on the 24th and 25th floors. At first glance, the two illegal buildings built out of thin air are no different from ordinary office buildings, and the East and west sides are rented as office space. 1n the corridor, there are copiers, green plants, workshops, meeting rooms, toilets, and even central air conditioning. But all the rooms are designed around a square building in the middle” This square building is the engine room of the building. ” Construction personnel said< However, on the west side of the 25th floor, a thermal power company is still working. Mr. Wang, the person in charge, said that they moved in last October and did not know it was illegal. Now we are studying and preparing for the adjustment Haidian city management and law enforcement officials told reporters that they had issued a notice of vacating the company in October last year. On the first day of demolition, they will forcibly demolish more than 800 square meters on the east side of the illegal building which is not rented, and the next step is to forcibly vacate and demolish the area where the company is located urban management confirmed that no one “claimed” the illegal building and forced it to be demolished according to the ownerless property no one “claimed” the illegal building from filing to closing until Haidian District Government approved the compulsory demolition. 1n the end, the case was treated as “no owner” if the owner, owner and manager could not be determined< According to the introduction, the construction of Block C of Weber times center was started in 2001 by the developer Beijing Wei ad Ding Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. the approved building scale is 23 floors above the ground, 4 floors below the ground, with a height of 87.55 meters. The 24 and 25 floors in the middle of the roof are the equipment floors manager Li of the property management company said that before October 2012, there were several small rooms on the top of the building, which were not impressive. Because of water leakage, the 24th floor began to be repaired, but to everyone’s surprise, it was finally repaired upstairs after receiving the report of illegal construction from the masses, the relevant units immediately went to inspect and found that not only the electric welding work was carried out at high altitude in violation of regulations, but also the construction personnel refused to implement the safety production order and continued the construction after being ordered to stop the construction< On October 8, 2012, Haidian urban management, law enforcement and Supervision Bureau officially put the case on file for investigation. Since December 2012, the urban management department of Haidian city has issued an announcement on the illegal construction, urging the illegal construction personnel to the team for investigation and inquiry, statement and defense, or self demolition. But so far, no one has come to the urban management department to defend and communicate during this period, although a person who claimed to be Hongwei went to the law enforcement and supervision team of Chengguan Zizhuyuan, claiming that it was bought through the judicial auction of the second intermediate people’s court and could not be identified as illegal construction, he failed to provide proof until mid November 2013. After Haidian city management in the second intermediate people’s court investigation, proved that there is no such thing. After publicity, the urban management department decided to demolish it according to law copyright notice: This article is reproduced by 1nternet media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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