Safety shoes tend to be more and more user experience

Every year, new shoemaking technologies enter the market, so for the end-users, the most important thing is to know what is the most important in the construction of safety shoes – that is, to know which characteristics and technologies of shoes can ensure the work safety of the wearer

every year, the manufacturing of safety protective shoes will find new production methods to produce more comfortable and lighter products, so as to reduce the wearer’s fatigue and improve the working conditions of workers. Nowadays, the age levels of workers in factories are different. Some older workers feel that strong work shoes should be thicker in order to be solid and durable. For young workers, they have adapted to the light sports shoes, and they still hope that the shoes that protect their work safety can feel comfortable on their feet

fortunately, there are various styles and sizes of safety shoes. As long as the safety shoes are made of high-quality materials and new technologies, they can have good safety performance and comfort

first, safety performance and comfort

safety shoes should be selected according to their safety performance, stability and comfort. Nowadays, the production of safety protection shoes is divided into traditional technology production and new technology production, which are very important in the production of safety protection shoes

first of all, the quality of shoes depends on the use of excellent materials and structure, so as to prolong the service life of shoes. The technology is determined according to the functional requirements. For different characteristics, there are different functions, such as the skid resistance of shoes, but more and more requirements can ensure the comfort of the wearer at the same time. When it comes to comfort, it can be said that comfort is particularly important. The new technology adopted can reduce the fatigue of the foot and produce the necessary support for the arch, forefoot and heel. 1n a way, these very important components, namely insoles, insoles and outsoles, will also play a key role in the sense of comfort. They can be tailored to suit the working environment of customers< The material of Baotou thickening protection can reduce the wear and tear of safety shoes and safety boots, which is very important for prolonging the life of safety shoes and safety boots the thickened protection of Baotou makes the safety shoes more elastic. The methods to protect the top include: > steel toe cap

safety protective shoes are necessary in the specific working environment. Steel toed shoes or boots usually give the toes the greatest protection from falling objects. Since the advent of steel toe, workers have been looking for lighter protective footwear, including non-metallic and alloy toe caps. Steel toe protection is still the most popular and reliable qualified protective footwear

non metal toe cap

workers have begun to buy protective shoes with non-metal toe cap, because they are lighter and more comfortable to wear. 1n addition, non-metallic shoe caps are not conductive and are not easy to deform when heated or cooled. They can make workers work more at ease

> alloy toe cap

alloy toe cap is lighter than steel toe cap, but it is also solid. Reducing the weight of shoes can relieve the weariness of wearing, and also make the job safer< 3. Material air permeability in a warmer climate, shoes need fabrics with good air permeability, which can take away the moisture inside and make feet more dry and comfortable. Breathable fabrics can be worn all day long while maintaining these comfort characteristics. The waterproof property of the material is necessary for humid environment< When it comes to the comfort of shoes, the material of the middle sole is different from that of the sole. Such as EVA in the bottom of a class of materials can produce additional buffer effect; Soft, mobile dual density foot pad; Use the latest technology of memory foam materials and so on to reduce foot fatigue. More comfort can be achieved by fusing extra EVA filled cutouts in the high top area of the heel and foot. The technology of outsoles is to provide a comprehensive safety guarantee for personnel in special working environment. Under the condition of indoor working or slippery working face, the outsoles with good oil resistance are needed; The sports type is most suitable for rough outdoor environment; The double density insole or extra cushioning effect is suitable for working on the concrete floor for a long time China labor insurance net

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