Safety signs of special labor protection articles

description of safety signs of special labor protection articles

1. This sign adopts the shape of ancient shield, meaning “protection”2. The letter “La” in the middle of the shield means “labor safety”

thirdly, “XX XX xxxxx” is the number of the identification. The numbering system is composed of three layers of numbers and letters. The two digits in the first layer represent the year of authorization for the use of the logo; The two digits in the second layer represent the division code of the provincial administrative region of the manufacturing enterprise authorized to use the logo (for imported products, the second layer code uses two English abbreviations to indicate the country code of the origin of the imported products); The first three digits of the third level code represent the name code of the product, and the last three digits represent the order of obtaining the use authorization of the logo< According to the regulations of safety colors (GB 2893-2001), the border, shield and "safety protection" of the logo are green, the "La" and background are white, and the logo number is black< 1. Welding goggles, welding masks, anti impact eye protectors: 18mm (including number) x 12mm (as shown in Figure 1)

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