Safety Supervision Bureau of Hubei Province: safety helmet should not be worn

At 10:00 a.m. on August 6, Shu Yongjian, deputy secretary of the Party group and deputy director of Hubei Provincial Administration of work safety, led the responsible persons of the comprehensive coordination office, evaluation office, science and technology planning office, No.1 safety supervision office, No.2 safety supervision office, occupational health office, No.1 law enforcement office and No.2 law enforcement office of Hubei Provincial Administration of work safety to discuss the safety production and supervision of non coal mines, dangerous chemicals and fireworks in Hubei Province, As well as occupational disease prevention, safety accident treatment and other topics

as a kind of personal head protective equipment, safety helmet can effectively prevent and reduce the head injury of operators when they fall from falling objects or themselves in production. Although we can’t do without it in our work, we may not be able to explain how to use it thoroughly. 1mproper use and storage will lead to the safety helmet can not play a protective role when it is impacted. According to the statistics of relevant departments, 15% of the accidents caused by falling objects are caused by improper wearing and use of safety helmet. Safety helmet is an important measure to reduce and prevent accidents such as falling from height and striking objects

although some employees wear safety helmets, they carry them in their hands; Sometimes when you are tired of work, you will sit on the safety helmet as a small stool; Some people just take off the safety helmet and put it aside; Some people even wear safety helmets, but they just put them on their heads without fastening them. They can fall off with a touch. 1n addition, some workers use safety helmets as public safety equipment, and take one at will when they want to use them. This kind of mixed wearing phenomenon causes management confusion, and also exposes the loopholes in the safety helmet management

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