Safety supervision of Daqing Refining and chemical lubricating oil plant refuses “flexibility”

PetroChina news (correspondent Jia Tao) “the production line can’t work without safety helmet or without standard wearing. You have an accident. We can’t get rid of it. 1n case of production against rules and regulations, the safety supervisor has the right to stop it. ” On April 27, Qiu Xinwen, a safety engineer in the paraffin molding workshop of Daqing Refining and chemical company’s lubricating oil plant, told an employee on the paraffin production line who wore an irregular safety helmet

a warning, put an end to a habitual violation, and provide a security guarantee

the lubricating oil plant of Daqing Refining and chemical company is a production unit with many rotating equipment and difficult safety management. 1n order to achieve the goal of “zero accident and zero injury”, the lubricating oil factory focuses on the production safety inspection and supervision, strictly controls the implementation of the system, refuses “flexibility”, makes the employees establish the safety concept of abiding by the rules and disciplines, and achieves the comprehensive control and scientific development of various production, so as to escort the safety production

based on the production site, safety supervisors of lubricating oil plants conscientiously perform their duties, give full play to the role of safety production propagandists, inspectors and supervisors, and build a solid “safety net” in the production line. They resolutely criticize or assess some violations in accordance with relevant regulations, so as to achieve the goal of standardizing the safety production behavior of all staff and fully implementing the safety system

the lubricating oil plant has also established a strict safety supervision network, and adhered to the closed-loop supervision mode of weekly safety inspection and weekly problem review to build a safety barrier

with the recovery of the market, the demand for paraffin wax in April is rising. 1n order to improve the output, the production line of the lubricating oil plant began to appear the phenomenon of violation of the regulations that the operators did not implement the shutdown operation, which caused the plant leaders to attach great importance to. For this reason, the safety supervisors of the lubricating oil plant enter the team, enter the site and inspect the violation of regulations, increase the supervision of the violation of regulations on the site, ensure that the safety inspection does not go through the motions, and strictly implement the assessment system, so that the employees can quickly put their minds right and provide protection for their personal safety

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