Safety supervision, when it’s time to be tough, be tough

A few days ago, the Xiamen intermediate people’s court made a final judgment, rejecting the punishment imposed by an ammonia related enterprise against the local safety supervision bureau according to law, and maintaining the “decision on site treatment measures” issued by the Safety Supervision Bureau

according to the report, the case is very simple: the enterprise is unqualified in the refrigeration link, such as lines, pipelines and fire fighting qualification, and refuses to rectify after the time limit. The safety supervision bureau is afraid that if it continues like this, it will not make a big deal any day, so it will order the enterprise to stop production for rectification and transfer the liquid ammonia with great risk

nowadays, many law enforcement departments are particularly afraid of complaints and lawsuits. 1t seems that such a lot of things affect their soft environment image. 1n some places, they rank and rank according to the number of complaints and the number of lost cases. However, the author believes that as long as the facts are clear and the evidence is conclusive, the law enforcement departments should adhere to their own administrative acts. Otherwise, if we don’t work hard today, we will have to be angry tomorrow. Especially in the field of work safety supervision, it is somewhat different from other departments. 1t seems that the urban management’s tolerance of hawkers selling goods illegally on the street has little to do with safety accidents. However, when we carry out safety inspection in enterprises, it is obvious that there are hidden dangers, but it is easy to let them go. 1n the future, there will be accidents, Surely no one will stand up and say, “safety supervision has also contributed to the development of our soft environment. There have been no complaints for many years. Please raise your hand and consider it.”

therefore, when we have to be tough, we have to be tough. Just like the Safety Supervision Bureau mentioned in the report, if we don’t check the hidden dangers in front of us, we will be responsible for dereliction of duty and dereliction of duty in the future, so if we get a ticket, we will be the defendant. But in a society ruled by law, everything is based on facts, and evidence and consequences are more important in front of the law. 1t’s strange that an enterprise that clearly violates the law and bites back will not lose the lawsuit

many years ago, our safety supervision bureau also investigated and dealt with an enterprise, took photos and issued legal documents, but the owner was very arrogant, not only refused to sign, but also threatened that “there are people in our city, so you can’t afford it!” As a result, we were really interviewed by a department in the city. The person in charge accused us of violating the law and damaging the soft environment. At that time, our section chief Shan was very polite. “Then we don’t check this enterprise, and we don’t care. 1’ll leave you a copy of the owner’s relevant illegal photos and documents, and ask you to go through the formalities, Later, the enterprise will have an accident, which has nothing to do with the Safety Supervision Bureau. “The man was confused at that time,” who dares to go through this procedure? Even the mayor doesn’t dare, you’d better do what you should do! ” Finally, the owner took the initiative to carry out the rectification

you see, as long as our legal documents can stand up to scrutiny and study, we must be firm. 1n the process of safety inspection and law enforcement, today you are tolerant of others, but in the future, when there is an accident, no one will forgive you and show you some respect. When the time comes, you will not be able to blame others for your cowardice and injustice

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