Safety technical measures for hoisting operation

1. Full time lifting safety officers must be set up for the hoisting operation of fan construction, who are fully responsible for supervising the safety work of the project. All lifting commanders and operators must work with certificates and adhere to the principle of “ten no hoisting”

2 the lifting tools used in lifting must comply with the national safety regulations

3 the cranes used in the construction site should be maintained and inspected frequently to ensure good performance

4 during hoisting, warning lines should be set and obvious safety warning signs should be placed in the operation scope. 1rrelevant personnel are strictly prohibited to pass through, and construction personnel are not allowed to stay under the hoisting components and around the stressed rigging

5 cable wind rope must be safe and reliable

6 workers working at height should wear a tool bag and put the tools into the tool bag. All hand tools (such as hammers, spanners, crowbars, etc.) should be put on a rope and put on the safety belt or wrist to prevent others from being hurt

7 workers working at height are strictly prohibited to work with diseases and work after drinking

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