Safety training in the field

1n the busy spring production season, Chaoyang Town, Wuxi County, Chongqing, combined with the party’s mass line education and practice activities, innovated the working ideas, moved forward the service window, and organized relevant units in the town to tour villages (communities) to carry out safety knowledge training activities from April 1, so as to move the safety knowledge training classes to the people’s homes

leaders and business backbones of Safety Supervision Bureau of Wuxi County, persons in charge of traffic police brigade and district police station were invited to explain safety production knowledge in production and life to village and community cadres, persons in charge of construction enterprises, fireworks operators and some motor vehicle drivers

in class, the “teachers” explained the precautions in the use, storage and sales of flammable and explosive materials, the safety production standards of coal mines and non coal mines, the safety precautions of people’s self built houses, and road traffic laws and regulations. 1n addition, we have fully registered motorcycles, electric vehicles and agricultural vehicles in the area under our jurisdiction, thoroughly investigated the potential safety hazards existing in village roads, established standing books and classified them, and rectified them within a time limit

at the same time, the town has also put forward clear requirements for grassroots cadres and persons in charge of enterprises and institutions. All villages (communities) are required to give full play to the role of traffic safety persuasion stations and strengthen the publicity of road safety laws and regulations; Enterprises and institutions should be equipped with relevant equipment and facilities, strengthen the safety awareness and use skills training of employees, strive to achieve the goal of “zero accident” in production safety throughout the year, and create a good environment for economic and social development

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