Safety training is not in place, and protective facilities are in place


in September 2013, when Zhang, an employee of a furniture company, was operating an automatic punching and shearing compound equipment, he found that the suction cup sucked up two sheets at a time. 1f two sheets were fed at a time, the product would be scrapped. 1n a hurry, Zhang crossed the fence and tried to pull down one by hand. 1n the process of material pulling, the conveying equipment ran and directly clamped his right forearm, causing dislocation of the forearm and tearing some muscles. Fortunately, Wang of the same class pressed the emergency stop switch in time to stop the operation of the equipment, and handled it properly, which did not expand the consequences of the accident


in order to ensure production safety, the furniture company set up protective fence around dangerous equipment, hung safety warning signs, and set emergency stop switch for key parts of equipment, but the accident still occurred

the main reasons for the accident are as follows: firstly, the safety awareness and self-protection awareness of the employee Zhang are not strong, and they are not aware of the danger of the equipment; Second, the company’s safety training is not in place, although the equipment is automatic, high-tech, and installed protective fence and other protective facilities, but ignored the training of employees in safety knowledge and emergency response


the work safety management of enterprises involves human, machine and environment. Any negligence of small details may lead to accidents

therefore, whether it is the safety training for employees, the management of safety production at all levels within the enterprise, or the specific production environment of the enterprise, the enterprise should do every job strictly and carefully in accordance with the national laws and regulations and requirements, and any part of it should not be ignored

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