Safety wearing method of electrical safety belt

Electrical safety belt is a kind of safety appliance to prevent falling during electrical operation. The wearing steps are as follows:

Step 1: check the safety belt

hold the D-type buckle of the back cushion of the safety belt to ensure that the webbing is not entangled

Step 2: start wearing the seat belt

slide the seat belt over your arms to your shoulders. Ensure that all webbing is free from tangles and hang freely. The shoulder strap must be vertical and not near the center of the body

Step 3: the leg strap

grasp the leg strap and connect them with the buckles on both sides of the hip strap. Thread the excess length of webbing into the adjusting ring

the fourth step: the chest strap

connects the chest strap with the through buckle. The chest strap must be 15 cm below the shoulder. The excess length of the webbing passes through the adjusting ring

Step 5: adjust the seat belt

shoulder: start from the shoulder to adjust the webbing of the whole body to ensure that the height of the webbing of the leg is just below the hip, and the D-ring of the back is between the two shoulder blades

legs: then adjust the leg webbing, try to do one leg stretching and squatting, and adjust the length of the webbing on both sides of the leg to be the same

chest: the chest ribbon should be crossed in the middle of the chest and about 3 fingers from the bottom of the sternum

properly worn and adjusted full body safety belt can effectively decompose the impact force to the whole body, and provide certain suspension support and fall rescue

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