Safety will eliminate hidden dangers

On May 6, a special safety meeting to eliminate hidden dangers was held in the rest room of class a of dry dressing plant of Nanshan Development Company of Masteel. Dai Hong, a female worker, stood up and said, “last time, when 1 was preparing to adjust the belt screw, 1 found that the wrench didn’t know where it was. 1 think we should change the previous inspection and placement of common tools, as well as the inspection and standardized placement of uncommon tools, so as to deal with temporary hidden dangers.” Putting away her serious expression, she said with a smile, “someone asked me why 1 could stop the machine correctly when 1 received the signal of 15 seconds. 1 would also like to tell you that frequent on-site inspection can not only improve skilled operation skills, but also accurately judge hidden dangers? This is what 1 slowly groped and mastered in my experience. “When 1 heard her” secret “, everyone suddenly felt a sense of enlightenment

as soon as Dangdai Hong sat down, monitor Bao Xiaoling’s “safety classic” began to read again” When you see someone at the post again, we find that the chin strap of the safety helmet is not fastened tightly. We must stop it in time, and dare to say that if we don’t talk about Habitual Violation of rules and regulations, we will have no human feelings at all. Small problems will cause big accidents, and even death… “. Although she didn’t have “witty words and surprising chapters”, she was simple and easy to understand, which also made everyone realize the seriousness of the security problem

the factory takes the team as the unit to organize the staff to find out the “unsafe behavior” and “unsafe state” in the work around them, so that the staff can communicate more and talk more about safety. By eliminating hidden dangers, the safety awareness of the staff is enhanced, so that the staff can transform from “want me to be safe” to “1 want to be safe”, and everyone is responsible for safe production, Everyone should be responsible for the situation of joint management

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