safety work has no “if…”

1n our daily safety work, we often have such “if…” laments – alas, if we put on safety helmets on the construction site, such injuries would not occur; 1f the safety belt is fastened according to the regulations, such a fall will not occur; 1n fact, looking at several typical accidents in the safety warning education film, most of them are caused by lack of responsibility. The bloody facts tell us that safety work has no “if…”, only consequences and consequences. When analyzing and finding out the cause and lesson of a safety accident, many managers can’t help but lament “if…”, “1 didn’t expect”, “even” and so on, which obviously has no practical significance

then, why are habitual violations prohibited repeatedly? Why do you have to wait until it’s irreparable to regret it? 1t should be said that the occurrence of any safety accident has its root cause, and there are all kinds of hidden dangers and signs in the early stage of the accident. 1f these hidden dangers are not eliminated in time, the accident is inevitable. There are many accident cases that show that as long as people’s minds are indifferent to safety and have a fluke mentality, the accident will take advantage of it

it can be seen that security exists bit by bit, hidden in a moment; 1t needs everyone to abide by it and pay attention to it all the time; 1t needs the participation of all the staff and constant efforts. As a front-line staff, they should plant their own “three parts per mu”, be familiar with various operating procedures and safety production systems, develop good safety operation habits, do “three no harm”, and turn “want me to be safe” into “1 want to be safe”

we know that safety is the eternal theme of production work, the premise of enterprise development, and an important guarantee for enterprises to obtain greater economic and social benefits. The essence of safety management is prevention, and scientific management should have considerable foresight. Safety work is like a circle, there is no starting point and end point, only “comma”, no “full stop”, it is a never-ending work; Hidden dangers and signs of safety exist all the time. We must penetrate into our blood and maintain a sense of hardship. We must be “wise in advance” and never sleep with a “comma”

in a word, safety production is not only an urgent question, but also an eternal question without an end. Only by changing “accident accountability” into “hidden danger accountability”, paying close attention to the implementation of the system, strengthening the awareness of red line and taking precautions can the accident be nipped in the bud(Zhang Yong)

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