Safety work should not be “fearless with knowledge”

1 attended the company’s regular safety meeting and watched several shocking safety accident cases. One of them was a bloody lesson. Some individual accidents could be completely avoided. The party concerned still ignored safety when he knew that the illegal operation might be dangerous, and the painful consequences caused by improper operation. From our own point of view, we are in the petrochemical industry. 1n the complex environment, how to ensure their own safety and equipment safety is a problem that every employee should seriously consider

no matter production accident or traffic accident, the flower of life withers. Petrochemical industry is a high-risk industry with the characteristics of high temperature, high pressure, flammability and explosion. There are certain dangers in the production process. Accidents will break out in an instant, and there is no chance to regret until life is lost. Therefore, any mistake and negligence, the behavior of inadequate preventive measures, are the “fuse” of the accident

petrochemical enterprises regard safety production as the top priority, and provide workers with safety helmets, labor protection gloves, dust masks, eye protection masks, face masks, air respirators and other labor protection articles. These labor protection articles, seemingly insignificant, are the best “protective umbrella” for workers at a time of vital importance. However, some workers have weak safety awareness, weak awareness of risk and hazard prevention, and they are too troublesome and convenient to put their protective equipment on the shelf. With a fluke mentality, they take action lightly. 1f the accident happens suddenly, the consequences will be unimaginable

the importance of safety ideologically determines the degree of implementation of various safety measures. Accidents or near accidents always happen. 1n the final analysis, employees discount their safety awareness. On the premise of being familiar with safety rules and regulations, they are self righteous and think that there will be no accident if they do not operate in a standardized way. That is to say, “knowing without fear”. 1n this way, there will be no real safety production

safety work should not be “ignorant and fearless”, but it should not be “knowledgeable and fearless”, which requires every employee to operate in strict accordance with the specifications. Every employee should instill safety awareness into his daily work, start with small things, put an end to violations, seriously act in accordance with safety regulations, never operate at will, and forget the regulations, which will lead to big mistakes

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