Sales channels of canvas gloves

1n modern society, the competition is very fierce in all industries, especially in traditional industries, such as canvas gloves, labor protection gloves and other labor protection products. Seizing and competing for the market has become a battlefield for companies without smoke! At present, many products such as canvas gloves, welding gloves and other labor protection products are mainly sold through traditional channels. Especially in some traditional industries, traditional channels are still the main way to find a market. The common methods are: 1. Advertising: it can be said that in the early promotion, advertising is essential. We should not only publicize the product of cotton gloves, but also publicize the corporate image, set up a good first impression in the hearts of customers, and give good impression to consumers. 1t is very important to win the first batch of customers through advertising2. Manufacturers: actively contact the end-user enterprises of canvas gloves. The manufacturers think that it is our main advantage to save the intermediate traders and take the goods directly from the manufacturers. However, we should deal with the relationship with the purchasing related personnel of the enterprise

3. Dealers: salesmen take samples of canvas gloves to small commodity wholesale markets in cities, traders and dealers, and go to commodity wholesale markets and labor protection stores in nearby cities from a distance. There are many merchants in the wholesale market, and many people come here to buy goods every day

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