Sales of footwear in Brazil increased by 12.5% in 2010

looking back at the international shoe market in 2010, the exchange rate problem has swept all over the world, and the shoe industry is facing certain challenges. However, according to the survey conducted by the Brazilian footwear industry association, in 2010, the Brazilian footwear industry was not only not impacted by the exchange rate and competition from Asian countries, but also due to the impact of the hot domestic market, its sales volume reached the highest level in nearly a decade

the president of the Brazilian footwear industry association said that this result benefited from the increase of income, people are willing to spend money to buy products with good quality and high price, which also made the average price of leather shoes increase by 6.2% compared with the previous year to 50.68 reais (about 199 yuan), while the total sales volume in 2010 was 37.7 billion reais (about 148.2 billion yuan), a year-on-year increase of 12.5%

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