Samsung’s latest invention: fire proof box and gloves for Note7 users

Samsung Electronics presented fire-proof boxes and protective gloves to customers who repaired Galaxy Note7 mobile phones, which is the latest development of the recall, causing a wave of spoof on social media

because some batteries were on fire, the Note7 mobile phone was permanently discontinued less than two months after it was launched. 1t has been reported that some of the replaced mobile phones are also smoking, which has dealt another heavy blow to Samsung’s brand image and financial prospects

previous netizens teased the pictures of Note7 needing fire extinguisher

“Samsung fire box? Have they been tested? ” Twitter user @ powermax_ News wrote. The account belongs to a group that sells and serves apple (AAPL) products

Samsung announced that it would give away fire protection equipment to customers who buy Note7 mobile phones on its website. A YouTube video produced by XDA developers, an Android Developer’s news website, shows that a fire safety package includes a fire box and a pair of blue gloves with a “no air transport” warning printed on the box

the video shows that the inside of the thermal insulation outer box is lined with ceramic fiber paper, and inside there are two smaller boxes, as well as an anti-static isolation package

this kind of packaging also caused netizens to laugh, “the funniest thing is that when you open a box, you find a box inside, and finally you find… A bag,” tweeter @ nataddda wrote

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