Sanitation workers wear safety helmets to pick up rubbish in traffic

“A lot of people would throw things out of the car and we had to sweep them. For them, what they throw away is rubbish, but for sanitation workers, what they throw away is probably life. “

– sanitation worker Wang Aiqin (pseudonym)

recently, a netizen published three photos of sanitation workers wearing safety helmets shuttling in the middle of the road to pick up garbage, which attracted the attention of many netizens. 1s it sad, guilty, or a bitter smile? How many people will have a little introspection after seeing the picture

“fully armed” for safety

in a local forum, a post entitled “please don’t litter outside the window” caused heated discussion. The owner of the building, Fengshou 1nn, said, “on the way to work these days, we can always see some environmental sanitation workers wearing safety helmets picking up garbage from the windows of the car with pliers.”. The owner posted three photos taken on January 14 and asked, “have you ever thrown away this rubbish?”

the netizen “xiariqing” replied: “1’m ashamed to think that 1’ve done this kind of behavior before! After resolutely correct, a few days ago to see the news that a place 12 days killed three cleaners, really feel that they should not Netizens have also responded to show their determination to protect the environment

netizen “meet by chance 221” thinks: “also working on the road, motor vehicle drivers will generally slow down and yield when they see traffic police, but sanitation workers can’t enjoy this treatment because they don’t have the” right of way “specified by law.”

there are 11 industrial accidents and 32 accidental injuries in a year

cars are speeding and changing lanes frequently, while many sanitation workers are walking through the traffic flow. 1f they don’t pay attention, accidents may occur. For example, on August 22, 2013, at the intersection of Shuanglong North Street and Laodong road in the urban area, Hua Yuexue, an environmental sanitation worker, was hit with a concussion by a car coming after her in order to pick up a white plastic bag thrown out of the window. More than five months later, Hua Yuexue has not recovered and is still recuperating at home

yesterday, the reporter learned from Jinhua environmental sanitation department that in 2013 alone, there were 11 confirmed industrial accidents and 32 recorded accidents of environmental sanitation workers. Traffic accident injury has become the biggest threat to sanitation workers

Wang Aiqin, who lives in Jiangdong Town, Jindong District, is 56 years old. Yesterday morning, she was cleaning the road in the section of Wanda Square on Liyu road. Wang Aiqin has been engaged in urban sanitation for five years. She works from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. for eight hours every day. She is very familiar with this road section

“we only need to be responsible for the garbage on the non motorized vehicle lane and the isolation belt, but we still don’t have any free time.” Wang Aiqin said that, especially at the east end of Liyu bridge, garbage was everywhere soon after sweeping” This section of the road is relatively wide. 1n recent years, the traffic flow is increasing and the speed is relatively fast. There are always people sitting in the car and throwing out the garbage. The wind blows everywhere. ” Wang Aiqin has also been hit by a motorcycle while picking up garbage

sixty percent of the respondents said that they had thrown garbage, and eighty percent would like to “correct”

in order to understand the public’s views on the phenomenon of “throwing garbage out of the car”, we conducted a questionnaire survey and online survey in urban streets, Jinhua news and other local forums, and collected 730 valid questionnaires involving all ages. Among them, more than 80% were 21-40 years old, and about 10% were 41-60 years old

in the questionnaire, 34.25% of the respondents said “never”, 65.75% said “ever”. 61.64% of them said that “they didn’t realize it in their hands and threw it away”, 12.33% said “the car is their own and it’s clean to throw it out.”, 1t’s none of my business

in addition, 93.15% of the respondents said that they had seen sanitation workers picking up garbage on the road; 86.3% of the people said that they were “very sad” to see this scene. 1f they had thrown rubbish, they would feel ashamed and would pay attention to it in the future. Only 10.96% of the people said that “they didn’t feel much, it’s their job”

at about 9 a.m. yesterday, the reporter stopped at Liyu East Road. After the rush hour, the traffic decreased slightly. The road is clean and tidy, but there are still people throwing rubbish out of the car window from time to time. A man threw a food bag on the road as soon as he closed the door. A driver threw the cap of a mineral water bottle into the grass. At this time, an environmental sanitation worker was picking up the garbage in the central isolation green belt. At a signal intersection more than ten meters behind him, some people were shuttling in the driveway and making small advertisements. Some drivers ignored it, while others threw the advertisement out of the car. As soon as the car passed, the ground was in a mess

to ensure their safety, you and 1 should do our part

in order to ensure the personal safety of front-line workers, the municipal environmental sanitation department organizes more than ten safety trainings every year. 1n addition, the environmental sanitation department has also purchased “group accident insurance” to further protect the personal and property safety of workers and avoid the loss of workers when they are unable to identify work-related injuries due to work reasons

however, in order to keep clean, most sanitation workers can only stay at the roadside, pick up when they see throwing, and let motor vehicles pass by. 1n addition, there are illegal vehicles from time to time, so the probability of traffic accidents is greatly increased

“sanitation workers may focus on their work and not pay attention to the surrounding environment, but the accidents are mainly caused by drivers’ inattention, poor observation, fatigue driving and wrong operation.”

“safety on the front line” is not only the code for sanitation workers in their daily work, but also our responsibility in our hands

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