Sany Heavy 1ndustry crane killed one person

The investigation team said that the investigation is still in progress, and it is necessary or through experiments to restore the process of the accident and determine the final cause.

at 5 a.m. on April 9, at the construction site of Wulin Square in Hangzhou, a crane arm more than 60 meters long crashed into the stadium road, which not only led to the death of a worker, The accident also directly interfered with the morning rush hour traffic, and 18 bus lines temporarily changed lanes. Similar accidents happened not only this time, but also in the same crane and link at the beginning of 2014, so the public is eager to know the cause of the accident as soon as possible

after the accident, although the relevant functional departments in Hangzhou formed a joint investigation team and launched an investigation on the same day, it will still take some time for the final announcement of the accident conclusion

during the follow-up visit, the reporter found that before the official conclusion came out, the crane manufacturer, crane owner and construction unit had disagreed on the causes: the crane manufacturer thought it was improper operation; the crane manufacturer thought it was improper operation; the crane manufacturer thought it was improper operation; Crane owners and construction units insist that it is the product quality problem

quality problems vs improper operation

crane owners and crane manufacturers have different views

as early as the day of the accident, the relevant person in charge of the construction unit Hongrun construction collective Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hongrun construction) raised doubts about the quality problems. Yesterday, the reporter contacted the owner of the accident crane – Shanghai Feishan construction equipment installation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Feishan construction)

it is understood that the crawler crane with model scc3200 and equipment number 09cc03200068 was manufactured by SANY Group Co., Ltd” The machine is purchased from Sany by our company, and then leased to the construction party on the construction site. ” Mr. Zhu, the person in charge of Feishan construction, said that the crawler crane was purchased in August 2009 with a cost of more than 13 million yuan and a normal working life of 20 years

as for the cause of the accident, manager Zhu of Feishan construction thinks that it is the quality problem of the machine itself” There is no problem of operation. The operator is trained by our company, and the people and cars are rented to Hongrun construction. He has more than ten years of operation experience. We also asked him afterwards, and the operation process is in line with the specifications. “

similarly, Hu Fangjian, the manager of Hongrun construction project of the construction company, also tends to talk about quality problems” As like as two peas in the early January, the same type of crane was found in the Hangcheng city. The location and the shape of the crack are almost the same. 1n this regard, Sany Group Co., Ltd. said that “the accident can be initially identified as the customer’s repeated illegal operation”, and the reason is that “the crawler crane is strictly prohibited to pull out the pile. To do this kind of working condition, it is necessary to have a special strong crane, and the price is several times higher than the common crawler crane. Therefore, the accident can be initially identified as “customer’s repeated illegal operation”

in this regard, Hu Fangjian stressed that at the time of the accident, the hydraulic pump was used to lift the pile foundation, not the crane” Because the cement pile is deeply embedded in the soil, and the soil is sticky and firmly absorbed, the hydraulic pump must be used to lift it from the bottom to the top, otherwise the crane with the largest tonnage will not be able to lift it. “

is there overload

the load is 320 tons, and the lifting object is about 80 tons.

with a good crane, the “tie rod” breaks in the construction operation, which naturally reminds many outsiders of a question: is there overload

the load of the crane in the accident is 320 tons. The machine itself has a recorder similar to a black box, which can record some data in the construction in time, including the weight of the lifted object

after the accident, the investigators of Sany Group Co., Ltd. once said, “at that time, our company’s personnel arrived at the scene one hour after the accident and found that the data on the day of operation had been deleted artificially.” However, this view has also been denied by “Feishan architecture” and “Hongrun construction”” We have submitted the data to the accident investigation team. At that time, 1 took photos of the scene. The lifting object is only 80 tons, which is far away from the load of the crane. ” Hu Fangjian said

after inquiring about the operators, manager Zhu of Feishan construction also gave a positive statement: there is no overload< However, Sany Group Co., Ltd. still insists on the saying of "113% overload at the time of the accident". Their explanation is: even if the lifting object itself is not overloaded, because the pulling force in the pile pulling process is unpredictable, it often reaches the limit of the equipment, and the force in the pile pulling process changes, especially the moment of pulling out will produce a large boom rebound, and repeated operation is very easy to fatigue failure. With such intensive operation, the service life of the equipment is often only a fraction of the normal hoisting operation accident investigation team: the determination of the cause is still in progress although all parties have their own reasons and evidence, the effective cause must be released by the accident investigation team led by the safety supervision department yesterday, the reporter contacted the relevant person in charge of the accident investigation team by telephone. He said that the investigation is still in progress and there is no content that can be published” 1f necessary, we may also need to restore the process of the incident through experiments, so as to determine the final cause. “ for the time required to get the investigation conclusion, the relevant provisions are within one month, but the investigation team said that if there are special circumstances that need to be extended, the investigation team will also report to the Municipal Bureau of work safety for application as for the same type of crane, the same problem also happened in Hangzhou, the relevant person in charge of the investigation team said that they have known through the news media, but now the main focus will be on the investigation of the cause of the crane accident in Wulin Square our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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