Say goodbye to coal mine life

After graduating from high school, because of a car accident, he failed to realize his college dream like us. After lying at home for three months, he was introduced to Huaibei Coal Mine by his family members. Since then, safety helmet, dark blue protective clothing and safety shoes have become his necessities, and he has lived a life of fear and darkness

that year, he just graduated from high school. He was 18 years old. An unexpected disaster made him unable to enter the examination room of college entrance examination. 1n October of the same year, he was arranged by his family to enter Huaibei coal mine. Outsiders think that coal mine work has high salary and high income, but it is earned at the risk of life. Spring reunion, he bowed his head silent, always fiddling with mobile phones, school period like him, 1 approached him, chatted

he was assigned to the coal mine safety inspection team because he had no knowledge, no diploma, but a little contacts and cleverness. 1n coal mine safety inspection, he and his team members should check all the operation details and hidden safety problems related to coal mining and blasting, as well as purchase some personal protective equipment, safety helmet, protective clothing, safety shoes and other daily necessities needed by workers. When he told me about his work every day, he sighed and said: 1 have a phobia of coal mine now. When 1 see everything under the mine, 1 want to move to see if it’s safe. One week after 1 arrived at the mine, 1 had insomnia and always felt that the earth was shaking. Although the current coal mine working environment is OK, and the technology is also very advanced, every time 1 see a coal mine accident, my heart is still clucking

when purchasing personal protective equipment, he was even more confused when he first came into contact with something he had never seen, and he became a little partner with him ever since. Under the guidance of the master, he became more and more familiar with his work and began to have his own opinions. He chose the labor protection articles with matching functions according to different types of work

he said, “it’s all over. 1 don’t want to live in fear.”. Finally, in September 2013, he bid farewell to his three-year life in the coal mine, and bid farewell to his safety helmet, protective clothing and other small partners

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