Scaffold demolition workers need to wear safety belt for construction

(1) Before the removal of the outer frame, the foreman shall make a written safety disclosure to the construction personnel. The disclosure shall be signed by the receiver

(2) before dismantling, the team should learn the safety technical operation procedures. The team must carry out the safety disclosure to the dismantling personnel, the disclosure should be recorded, the disclosure content should be targeted, and the precautions for dismantling the shelves must be clear

(3) before dismantling the scaffold, the fence should be pulled on the ground with rope or iron wire, and the outer scaffold should not be dismantled without guardian and safety staff

(4) the dismantling procedure should be from top to bottom, layer by layer and step by step. First, clean up the sundries on the scaffold, such as the concrete, mortar block, U-shaped card, movable pole and materials on the scaffold board. According to the principle of dismantling frame, the pole is dismantled first and then erected. 1t is not allowed to remove all the cross braces and pull rods at one time. 1t is required to remove the rods to which layer and the cross braces and pull rods to which layer

(5) removal process: remove the guardrail > remove the scaffold board > remove the small cross bar > remove the large cross bar > remove the cross brace > remove the vertical bar > transfer the pull rod to the ground > remove the fastener > stack according to the specification

(6) 2-3 people must work together to remove and release the bar. When removing the big cross bar, the person standing in the middle should pass the bar down. Only when the person at the bottom receives the bar firmly, can the person at the top let go. 1t is strictly forbidden to throw the foot tools down

(7) the dismantling personnel must wear the safety belt. During the dismantling process, a worker with strong sense of responsibility and high technical level should be assigned as the commander to be responsible for all the safety operations of the dismantling work

(8) it is not allowed to cut and move arbitrarily when there is pipeline obstruction during dismantling. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the fastener breakage, and avoid stepping on the sliding rod

(9) the screw buckle must be removed from the steel pipe when the frame is removed, and it is not allowed to be on the removed steel pipe

(10) the dismantling personnel should be equipped with tool sleeves. When holding the steel pipe in hand, it is not allowed to hold the spanner at the same time. The tools must be placed in the tool sleeves after use

(11) it is not allowed to sit on the shelf or in an unsafe place when dismantling the shelf, and it is strictly forbidden to play when dismantling the shelf

(12) the dismantling personnel should wear personal labor protection articles, and should not wear rubber soled sliding shoes to work on the shelves, and the clothes should be light

(13) no replacement is allowed in the middle of demolition. 1f the replacement personnel are required, the safety technical disclosure must be conducted again

(14) the removed scaffold poles should be removed, cleaned and transported at the same time. They should be classified, stacked and sized in order. Waterproof measures should be taken to prevent rust after rain. The fasteners should be packed and kept by model

(15) the removed steel pipe shall be coated with a layer of antirust paint and a layer of mixed paint regularly. The elbow should be straightened and the fasteners should be lubricated

(16) it is strictly forbidden for scaffolders to set up and dismantle scaffolds at night. The foreman shall make detailed disclosure in the safety technical disclosure for the matters not covered, and contact the technical department in time for the problems existing in the construction, so as to correct them in time

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