Scientific and technological innovation diversified safety shoes

Since ancient times, “need” and “seeking” are a pair of inevitably related words, and they always complement each other. A new thing will never rise without a market, let alone make trouble in a field. At the same time, it also proves that “the market is the cradle of new things”

different functions of safety shoes lead to different market demands

electrical insulating shoes

this type of safety shoes is suitable for electricians, electronic operators, cable installers, substation installers, etc. Note: it is suitable for the working environment with power frequency voltage below 1kV, and the working environment should be able to keep the vamp dry. Avoid contact with sharp tools, high temperature and corrosive materials, and the top and bottom shall not be damaged by corrosion

anti static safety shoes

can eliminate the accumulation of human body static electricity, and are suitable for flammable workplaces, such as gas station operators, liquefied gas filling workers, etc. Note: it is forbidden to use as insulating shoes; When wearing anti-static shoes, it is not necessary to wear insulating wool socks or use insulating insoles at the same time; Anti static shoes should be used together with anti-static clothing; Anti static shoes should be tested once every 200 hours. 1f the resistance is not within the specified range, it can not be used as anti-static shoes

acid and alkali resistant safety shoes

suitable for electroplating workers, pickling workers, electrolysis workers, liquid mixing workers, Chemical operators, etc. Note: acid and alkali resistant leather shoes can only be used in the acid and alkali workplace with low concentration; Should avoid contact with high temperature, sharp injury or sole leakage; After wearing, wash the acid-base liquid on the shoes with clean water, and then dry them to avoid direct sunlight or drying

ventilation effect protective shoes

the innovation of this technology reflects four aspects. The first is the air permeability technology. The middle sole of the protective shoe has 9 transverse grooves, and the two ends of the grooves form air vents. There are 12 0.8 cm air holes in 3 grooves of the front sole, 18 0.8 cm air holes in 6 grooves of the back heel, and 30 air holes in each sole, 1n the insole lining, 30 0.8 cm air holes are also opened to connect with the air holes of the sole. High density, good air permeability and odor proof Haibo cotton is used as the surface lining. One surface lining has 230 0.3 cm air holes, which brings good comfort. The second is the reverse osmosis technology. The side anti reverse osmosis air hole technology can ensure the daily waterproof and is suitable for wearing for a long time. The third is the cushioning sole technology, the layered combination of light and high-density Phylon material, which has good cushioning and shock absorption effect and effectively protects the ankle from injury. Finally, the anti fatigue ergonomics technology, using the wave curve design of ergonomics, can reduce the bending resistance of forefoot and reduce the feeling of sports fatigue

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