Seat belts and airbags don’t protect children

On March 19, the public welfare School of safe, energy-saving and civilized driving of Guangxi traffic technician college was founded. From this month, the school will regularly carry out public welfare classes for safe, energy-saving and civilized driving. The first class of the day focused on the precautions for children to ride

when you drive your child out, how does the child sit? Do you want your family to hold you in the co pilot’s seat, or do you want your child to sit in the back? Huang, a lecturer in the public welfare class, explained that there are many hidden dangers in the common ways of children’s riding in real life, combining with the relevant accident videos and simulation videos. For example, many parents are used to sitting in the co driver’s seat and holding their children in front of their chest, believing that this can protect their children. But in fact, when there is a real collision, the strength of parents’ arms can not prevent their children from leaving. 1n many Crash Videos, the child in the hands of parents flies directly out of the front windshield. On the other hand, airbags can also cause harm to children. The opening speed of airbags can reach 300 km / h, and the instant impact force can be several hundred kg. 1n foreign related experiments, such impact force can crush a watermelon

is it safe for children to wear seat belts in the back? The answer is No. Because the safety belt on the vehicle is designed for adults, when a child is wearing it, the safety belt may just be strangled to the neck, and the child may also be injured in a collision. Experts believe that children under the age of 12 must ride in child safety seats. Some data show that the use of child safety seats can reduce the probability of injury of children in accidents by more than 90%

teacher Huang also reminded that some children like to stand up and stick their heads out of the skylight when they are riding, which is very dangerous. 1n addition, parents should not feed their children while driving because children are easily choked or choked when the vehicle is moving. When parking, don’t let children open the door and get off by themselves

according to the introduction, public welfare classroom has not only theoretical classroom but also practical classroom. On the same day, the contents of the first practical operation class were the basic operation methods of changing tires, and the emergency treatment methods of getting on the electric car when the vehicle power was insufficient

according to the person in charge of Guangxi transportation technician college, the public welfare class will be normalized, and every two-week Saturday every month, the class will be free to the society in the college. 1n addition, the institutions, enterprises, communities, colleges and universities in need can contact the hospital, and they will send high-quality lecturers to “deliver courses to the door” without any charge

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