Second hand helmets seem cheap, but they are expensive. There is no guarantee of safety

Near Dongting bus station on Zhongbei road in Wuchang, 1 saw a pile of safety helmets at the gate of a waste recycling shop. The owner said that it was sold to him from a construction site. They were all very new, and there were still unused ones. The owner said, “you need 10 yuan for one.”

the reporter talked to the store owner in the name of purchase. When asked about the safety of these helmets, boss Zhang guaranteed that they were safe, and the quality was 80% new

according to the boss, these safety helmets were directly pulled back from the warehouse of a certain unit. A friend of the boss, who had delivered goods to the unit before, told the boss after knowing that the unit had handled the safety helmets, “1 dragged a car, about 100, and some other cars left.”

Why are these helmets treated as waste? The boss said that the goods in the warehouse were piled up, and he wanted to make room for other things in the warehouse, so he disposed of these safety helmets, “1 don’t know about other units.” The reporter said that to buy 100, the “wholesale price” given by the boss is 6 yuan, while the new safety helmet on the 1nternet is priced between 30 yuan and 60 yuan each

a few days ago, the reporter happened to see the same thing at a waste recycling station in Houhu. The owner said that the safety helmets were sold to the construction workers who built houses. They were greedy for the cheap. As for the performance of the safety helmets, the owner said that he had agreed before selling them. He didn’t guarantee it, but only guaranteed that the color was at least 70% new and the appearance had no cracks

Mr. Liu, deputy general manager in charge of safety production of a large construction enterprise, said that the market price of safety helmets for workers is only 10 yuan. 1t seems cheap to buy second-hand safety helmets at the recycle bin, but in fact they are very “expensive”. 1n case of an accident, safety helmets are life-saving things. How can we buy second-hand goods at will? 1n addition, no one checks the safety performance of second-hand helmets. Compared with their own safety, it’s certainly not worthwhile to spend a few yuan less on second-hand goods

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