Security guards in Gobi

The total length of oil and gas pipeline network outside Northwest Oilfield is nearly 747 km, with 38 pipelines, and the pipeline process is complex. The patrol team of oil and gas transportation and marketing department of Northwest Oilfield is responsible for the patrol of these pipelines. From the early morning of the rising sun to the dusk of blood, from the endless Gobi to the weedy swamp, they persevere in guarding the “Tahe artery”

is divided into 3 groups with a shovel to inspect

patrol line, one of which is responsible for the 3 pipelines of the station from Kuche to the last station. Li Hui and he Wenguo are two veterans in charge of the pipeline

they often haunt the inaccessible Gobi pipeline. 1n the interview, he used a shovel to finish the pipe dyke protection, and told reporters, “this is the foot of Tianshan Mountain. When the rainy season and snow melt, the embankment of the pipeline will often be damaged by the flood. With a shovel, on the one hand, repair the levee that can be processed to protect the pipeline. On the other hand, our pickup truck is often laid on this Gobi, and it is not enough without a shovel. So we like to take it with us. 1t’s like another old man of ours. “

the whole course of this patrol line is full of potholes. The snow thaws in winter and the water in rainy season in summer often overflows several places, which they have to go through. When we walk by, we can often see the path paved with several stones beside the river, which can only hold one person to step on it

when we are in the car, we always remind us to fasten the seat belt. Walking on the Gobi desert is like falling into a spring bed. Every now and then, the car is bounced up. One day, the bones are almost broken. Several masters of the line patrol team have lumbar muscle strain problems. They have been doing this job for five or six years. By the end of the day’s tour, the sun is going to set

the “1D card” on the pipeline

under the leadership of Fu Youchun, the leader of the patrol team, the reporter came to dalaoba gas gathering station and stood beside the pipeline about 2 meters high from the river

standing on the river bank, the reporter saw that every high-altitude pipeline was clearly marked with a name plate such as “XXX to XXX pipeline”. There are two huge blue signs on both sides of the river bank. These signs are like road signs. 1n case of an accident, employees can accurately and clearly describe the location of the accident

these blue signs were meticulously made by the patrol staff. For this reason, Fu Youchun, he Wenguo and others have marked the transportation medium, starting and ending point, pipe diameter, operation time and hazard factors of each pipeline one by one after two months of on-site statistics. At the same time, considering that the pipeline passes through more Uygur villages, the signs are bilingual, which is convenient for Uygur compatriots to read” 1t is necessary to know that there are 38 pipeline networks in the export system of Northwest Oilfield. 1f there is no signboard on the site, it is difficult for the line patrol personnel to describe the site situation clearly in time and accurately, so it is easy to misoperate. Let’s give him an “1D card” and it’s easy. ” Fu Youchun said

there are many natural gas and liquefied gas pipelines in the pipe network system, and the patrol team has completed the task of installing combustible gas alarm under the leadership of the Ministry. Since then, once there is any gas leakage in the pipeline, the central control room of the Ministry will receive the alarm signal

treating trauma for pipelines

“no matter how old the pipelines are, we also have a sign. No matter how humble the pipelines are, we can tell what they are called. As long as they are the pipelines 1 have visited, 1 can tell their past, present and future.” Master he Wenguo is familiar with every pipeline under his jurisdiction, just like his family’s treasure. He knows everything about the changes of the pipeline every day, the operation of the equipment in the valve chamber, the areas that are easy to corrode, and the pipelines that are easy to be destroyed in the rainy season

Master Li Hui is a good hand at “treating trauma” for pipelines. He is the best at repairing dike and valve chamber. Master Li Hui said: “this is what 1 am. Seeing what 1 can do is like doing well for it. 1f 1 want to do more things, 1 can lighten the burden of the unit. 1 feel comfortable and steady in doing this work.”

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