Security guards make thermal life jacket inspired by movie

the movie Titanic is loved by many fans, and the scene of shipwreck in the movie is even more shocking. For he Guoju, who lives in the bamboo grove of North Chongqing University, this film gives him the inspiration for his invention

with his son and nephew, 49 year old he spent four years experimenting with a variety of materials, and finally produced three different types of waterproof and thermal insulation life jackets, which won the national patent


not wet, but still floating on the water

yesterday afternoon, by the Jialing River, the drizzle was floating, and the Shuangbei bridge in the distance was looming in the fog. He Guoju took out three woven bags from the trunk, in which he put his hard work in the past four years — three waterproof and thermal insulation life jackets” My clothes are not only waterproof, but also can float on the water. What’s more, they can keep body temperature. ” With that, he Guoju took out a 1.7-meter-long life jacket, which can seal the whole body and is made of waterproof material. Although this life jacket weighs 6 Jin, Lao he wears it neatly. There are two buoyancy bags at the front and back of the life jacket. One side of the life jacket is equipped with an inflation tube and two small valves

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