Security inspection of Wuhan night patrol workers carrying bags at night

after 10:30 every night, Wuhan Metro and light rail begin to close. After seeing off the last bus and the last passenger, the stations were closed one after another. At midnight, there is a group of people whose work of serving rail transit has just begun. Some of them are night watchmen, some are electricians in charge of equipment maintenance, some are train maintenance workers, and some are track patrol workers shuttling through underground tunnels

from the night before last to early yesterday morning, the reporter came to Xunlimen station of Metro Line 2 to observe the special work of these “night walkers”< At 11:04 PM, the last bus to Jinyintan left Xunlimen station. Three minutes later, after confirming that the last passenger leaves the station, the platform staff starts the station closing procedure at 11:10, the security master first closed the rolling gate of entrance a, and the station master on duty took a key and turned it clockwise to close the escalator leading to the entrance. Other entrances and exits were closed one after another five minutes later, the conductor began to check the tickets, and all 22 self-service ticket vending machines were opened: each ticket vending machine was loaded with seven small boxes, coins and banknotes of different denominations were stored in five small boxes, and the other two boxes were used for one-way tickets after cleaning 22 ticket boxes on 11 departure gates of the station, all the business income of sold out tickets on that day was moved into the ticket office” Xunlimen station counts about 60000 to 70000 yuan of tickets every day. ” According to Tu min, district head of the duty station, after the coins are collected in a unified way, the staff will count the coins of different denominations, and then store them in different denominations the main items to be recovered are 1 yuan coins and 5-20 yuan small denomination banknotes. 1t takes more than 3 hours for two duty officers to count these banknotes every night” 1t’s very soft to count money. ” One of the attendants said with a smile the line inspector walked 5 km in 4 hours in the tunnel. Just after the turn of the clock, Hu Jie, the line inspector in the line workshop of the communication signal department, took the line inspector to go down from the Xunlimen platform to the track section, and began the line inspection work after the train stopped running Hu Jie first used the electroscope to check the track for the second time. “1f the electroscope makes a beep, it means that the track is still charged.” Hu Jie pointed to a yellow strip track on the left side of the tunnel, which is 750 V contact rail, responsible for power supply to the train. The inspection work can only be carried out when the contact rail is powered off Hu Jie is 37 years old and has 19 years of railway patrol work experience. He is regarded as an “old” patrol worker. Patrol the line three to four times a week, work underground for nearly four hours in the early morning, and walk about 5 kilometers between the two tunnels from Xunlimen to Qingnian Road station< Hu Jie said that he and the line patrol staff are a patrol team, and there are 10 teams in the whole line of lin2. Patrol inspection is mainly to check whether the rail, track bed, turnout, and tunnel emergency evacuation platform are broken or damaged, and whether the signal equipment operates normally. 1f the spare parts are found to be loose, they should be reinforced. 1f they are missing or damaged, they should be replaced in time the reporter noticed that as long as the single toe elastic strip (parts for fixing the rail) was found to be loose, Hu Jie would use a hand hammer to knock on the reinforcement” This is judged by naked eye observation and experience. ” Hu Jie said that he and his colleagues have to inspect nearly 30000 single toed elastic strips in four hours, and the work is extremely monotonous and boring when doing homework, you should carry a 20 kg tool kit and wear a 1 kg special leather shoes. You will sweat all over after every inspection. Hu Jie said that especially in winter, clothes are thick and sweaty. 1t’s hard to get wet with them. As soon as you get out of the station, you feel very cold and easy to catch a cold “we should not affect the safety of train operation because of our missing inspection or mistakes.” Talking about the feeling of this job, Hu Jie said that although it is very hard, as long as you think about the safety of thousands of passengers, you will feel heavy responsibility copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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