Security is a kind of respect

Safety, is a kind of respect, for the crew, to express our awe

1’ve seen the pictures of plane crash caused by not removing all the airspeed tubes before flight. 1’ve heard the news that two planes collided on the runway due to improper air control command. 1 also know that Malaysia Airlines mh370 has not returned yet… Many accidents are sensational and inconceivable. 1f we had seen more and done more at that time, Or the result is really different, relatives and friends are still around, tomorrow comes before the accident. Maslow, a famous American psychologist, said: besides air and water, safety is the first need of human beings, even more urgent than love and being loved

whenever you see the plane landing outside the hangar, you will always feel a sigh of relief with the frequency of the plane rumbling. 1 often think of a sentence in Zhao Benshan’s Sketches: life doesn’t care how high and how far you fly, the most important thing is a stable landing. Flowers wither, can bloom again, swallows fly, will come back, and life for each of us, only once. When the passengers get on the plane, lean on the seats and look at the blue sky and white clouds outside the window, we should help them fasten their seat belts, because they put their lives in our hands with special trust

safety is very abstract to say, but very small and specific to do. What is safety? 1 think, safety is the helmet on the head, where the danger is, it is there, you have no reason to refuse it; Safety is the safety belt around the waist. You can fasten it wherever the danger is. You will never worry about free fall; Safety is an escape route. When danger comes and emergency evacuation occurs, its smooth flow is the guarantee of life; 1n fact, safety is a kind of consciousness, a kind of action. Dealing with the sky and life, we are destined to be great, and behind the greatness, we must work conscientiously. From a system to a screw, no one can foresee where there will be problems. What we can do is to do our job well – abide by the rules and regulations, and construct according to the process card

there is no careless step and no one can be ignored. The pace of society is faster and faster, the development of science and technology is faster and faster, and the requirements for us are higher and higher. As a maintenance worker, ensuring flight safety is the first priority. To improve their own quality, reduce unsafe factors and human errors are the needs of flight safety and the necessary quality of qualified maintenance workers

industry standards and rules and regulations are the code of conduct and technical operation of locomotive work. They are the summary of experience, even the lessons of blood, and have strong pertinence and operability. As maintenance personnel, anything prohibited must not be done; All warnings and reminders should also be strictly observed and consciously implemented. But at present, the main problems are: quite a number of personnel do not pay enough attention to the ideology, the concept of rules and regulations is not strong, and they are even self righteous and arbitrary. There are many problems in the implementation, some rules are not perfect, there are no rules to follow, and some rules are not followed. 1f they are not paid attention to, human errors and human responsibility accidents will inevitably increase. Therefore, the maintenance department must faithfully maintain the seriousness and regularity of rules and regulations, and can not take rectification measures only after problems or signs of accidents. 1n order to change the passive into the active, we should often find out the deficiencies and hidden dangers in our daily work, pay close attention to the links that are easy to make mistakes, pay close attention to the discipline, work style, level by level management, pay close attention to the implementation, and implement the safety work every time and every place. There is also a point that can not be ignored. We should strengthen the construction of a working environment with strict discipline, strict requirements and a serious attitude. 1n this way, we should step by step and link up with each other. We should enhance the legal concept of all staff and workers, so that they can abide by the law and act according to orders

job card is a text process document reflecting the specific content of each work in aircraft maintenance work, which specifies the specific maintenance work content, steps, technical requirements, etc. As a process document, the aircraft maintenance personnel should fully understand the contents of the work card, and fully follow the contents of the work card. According to the manual of process card, construction is the first and the most important lesson we learned when we entered the occupation of maintenance. We can’t act on our own without the manual. Every step required by the process manual must be carried out seriously. 1n case of any work that has not been done before, we must learn in advance instead of blindly doing it. 1n case of any difficulty or incomprehension in the construction according to the work card, we must reflect with the superior or communicate with colleagues, contact with the work card writer, and determine the implementation scheme before construction

our work seems to be very simple. According to the single card on several pages, we do some familiar work, but the rope is broken in the thin place, and the accident occurs in the loose place. Safety makes us respect and awe, respect our profession, and awe every life. No one will casually give their lives to strangers, we sign our name on the work card, but also in the pawn, bet on our responsibility, heavier than Mount Tai

safety is more important than the sky. 1t is a responsibility, an obligation and a kind of respect. Respect yourself and others

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