Selection and use of fire extinguisher

The fire extinguisher is a mobile appliance that sprays the filled fire extinguishing agent by the cylinder and the nozzle of the extinguisher head with the help of internal pressure. The fire extinguisher has the characteristics of simple structure, light and flexible, convenient operation and wide use. 1t is one of the most effective tools to put out the incipient fire. When students study and live on campus, as long as they pay attention, they will see that fire extinguishers are placed in the corridor, laboratory, classroom and auditorium of the dormitory. The configuration of fire extinguisher is calculated and configured according to the building hazard level. Generally, the configured fire extinguisher is placed in the fire extinguisher box or hung on the wall 1.5m above the ground. 1n case of fire, you must be calm and calm. You can use the fire extinguisher to put out the fire while alarming according to the fire situation< There are many kinds of fire extinguishers, which can be classified in three ways. 1. According to its moving mode, it can be divided into portable fire extinguisher and wheeled fire extinguisher2. According to the power source of fire extinguishing agent, it can be divided into gas storage type, pressure storage type and chemical reaction type; 3. Fire extinguishing agents can be divided into foam, dry powder, halogenated alkane, carbon dioxide, acid and alkali, and fire extinguishers. Br / >

when using ammonium phosphate dry powder fire extinguisher to put out solid combustible fire, it is necessary to spray at the place with the strongest combustion, and fire from the top, bottom, left and right. 1f conditions permit, the user can spray along the four sides of the combustor with the fire extinguisher, so that the dry powder fire extinguishing agent can be evenly sprayed on the surface of the combustor until all the flames are extinguished< China labor insurance net

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