Selection and use of labor protection gloves

From the perspective of safety production, hand is the most injured part of human body. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose and correctly use safety gloves to prevent hand injury< Chemical resistant gloves: many chemicals are lethal to the opponent. Therefore, the permeability, penetrability and degradability of chemical resistant gloves determine their protective performance > selection of chemical resistant gloves:

A. recognize all components of chemical mixture in workplace

. Status and characteristics of chemicals

C. chemical contact (accidental splash or long-term continuous contact?)

D. workplace evaluation

E. identify candidate gloves

F. test candidate gloves

g. select the best one

instructions for use:

A. use safety gloves according to the protective function of gloves. Don’t use it indiscriminately to avoid accidents

. Waterproof, acid and alkali resistant, chemical resistant and oil resistant gloves should be carefully checked for damage and aging before use, otherwise they cannot be used

C. after use, rubber, latex, plastic and other protective gloves should be washed clean, dried, and kept away from high temperature, and talcum powder should be sprinkled on the products to prevent adhesion

D. the insulating gloves should be used in strict accordance with the instructions, and the electrical insulation performance should be inspected regularly. 1f they do not meet the requirements, they can not be used

E. latex industrial gloves are only suitable for weak acids