Selection and use of safety protection articles

With the gradual establishment of the socialist market economic system and the rapid development of foreign-funded enterprises, township enterprises and private enterprises, occupational health monitoring at this stage is facing severe challenges in terms of work scope, management system and monitoring requirements. Workers in the production process will inevitably be exposed to dust, harmful gases, noise and other occupational hazards, such as the lack of ventilation, dust prevention and other engineering protection facilities in the workplace, which can easily lead to occupational poisoning and occupational diseases. Wearing appropriate protective equipment is the last line of defense to protect workers’ life safety and health. Correct selection of appropriate level of protective equipment can effectively prevent occupational poisoning and occupational diseases. The correct selection of labor protection articles is the premise to ensure the safety and health of workers. The selection of labor protection articles should adhere to the following principles:

first, select labor protection articles according to the national standard

the national standard “rules for the selection of labor protection articles” (gb11651-89) and the national standard for the allocation of labor protection articles as well as relevant regulations provide legal technical basis for the selection of labor protection articles< 1n order to ensure the quality of labor protection articles, the production of special labor protection articles in China adopts the system of production license, safety appraisal certificate, product qualification certificate and safety mark. Enterprises producing special labor protection articles shall also conduct self inspection on the products according to the standards on which the products are based, and issue product certificates. Special labor protection articles shall be inspected by local labor protection articles quality supervision and inspection institutions before leaving the factory, and the inspection institutions shall distribute safety identification certificates in batches. The safety signs shall be strictly reviewed and issued by the management organization of safety signs for special labor protection articles. At present, the safety helmet, filter gas mask mask, filter tank of filter gas mask, safety belt, welding mask, welding goggles, anti-static conductive safety shoes, dust mask, toe safety shoes (boots), flame retardant protective clothing, safety net, anti impact eye protector, rubber surface anti smashing safety shoes, acid resistant clothing, anti-static clothing, acid and alkali resistant shoes, stab resistant shoes, insulating leather shoes, etc 19 kinds of special labor protection articles, such as low-voltage insulated rubber shoes, can only be produced with production license, and "safety identification certificate" must be pasted on the products. When purchasing these 19 kinds of protective equipment, you should check whether there is a sign of "three certificates". 1f not, it is illegal< The service life of labor protection articles is related to many factors, such as the workplace environment, the use frequency of labor protection articles, the nature of labor protection articles and so on. 1n some areas, rigid regulations have been formulated according to the actual situation. For example, according to the working environment, Shandong Province stipulates that the service life of safety helmets used by factories and mining enterprises is 36 months for slab operation in metallurgical rolling plants; Working in cold water for 48 months; 24 months for coal operation and civil engineering operation; The period of installation, drilling and sampling is 12 months generally speaking, the following three principles should be considered in the service life: 1. Corrosion degree according to the wear of labor protection articles caused by different operations, it can be divided into heavy corrosion operation, medium corrosion operation and light corrosion operation. The degree of corrosion can reflect the working environment and the use of the type of work

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