Selection method of labor insurance gloves and precautions for use

Labor protection gloves generally refer to protective gloves that have the function of protecting hands, including white cotton labor protection gloves, latex gloves, and various special protective gloves. It is very important to choose a suitable pair of labor protection gloves, which can effectively reduce hand injuries in times of crisis. After all, how to choose labor protection gloves?
How to choose labor protection gloves correctly:
1. Hand size
We should choose the gloves that suit us according to the size of our hands. If the gloves are too small, wear them The hand is very tight, which is not conducive to blood flow in the hand, the glove is too large, the work is not flexible, and it is easy to fall from the hand.
2. Working environment
Different gloves have different protective effects. Only by choosing according to the special circumstances encountered in your working environment can you avoid unnecessary danger.
3. No damage
No matter what kind of gloves you are using, if damage occurs, you should replace them immediately, or put on other gauze gloves or leather gloves. use.
4. Rubber gloves
If the gloves are made of synthetic rubber, the palm should be thick, and the other parts should be of uniform thickness, and there should be no damage, otherwise it cannot be used. Moreover, it should not be allowed to come into contact with acid or other substances for a long time, nor should such sharp objects come into contact with it.
Precautions for the use of labor protection gloves:
1. All accessories that may affect the safety of operation must be removed before operation.
2. Check gloves and other personal protective equipment to ensure they are placed neatly.
3. Hands should be washed before putting on gloves, cloth gloves and leather gloves need to be washed or discarded regularly.
4. Polyester cotton yarn gloves cannot be used for operations above 60 degrees, live operations, and corrosive operations; they cannot be used for underground operations that are afraid of static electricity, mining, coal mining, and tunnel construction.
5. Before using the labor protection gloves, it is found that the gloves are broken and moldy and cannot be used. Please replace them with new gloves if they are cut and shredded during use.
6. Labor insurance gloves with a cotton content of less than 20% are not easy to use in gripping hammers, electric drills, loading and unloading.
7. People who are allergic to rubber cannot use rubber gloves.
8. Put the sleeves in your mouth during work to prevent accidents.
9. Be careful not to let chemicals enter the gloves, which may result in the inability to protect your hands.
10. Under the conditions of too high temperature, too much force, too strong vibration and too irritating chemicals, gloves may not provide protection.
11. It should be cleaned after use, and after it is dry, sprinkle with talcum powder to prevent damage, but it should not be placed on the ground.
12. The voltage withstand test is conducted every six months. It has a very light weight and a textured surface is very beneficial for gripping objects.
The selection method and precautions for use of labor insurance gloves are finished. If you still don’t know the place, you can come to Shanghai to leave a message or call for consultation. You can also buy a variety of labor insurance gloves on this website.

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