Selection of safety belt for aerial work

Safety belt is a kind of personal protective equipment to prevent falling accidents of workers working at height. 1t is composed of belt, rope and metal accessories, and is generally called safety belt. 1t is suitable for working at height such as enclosing pole, hanging and climbing, but not for fire fighting and hanging objects

classification and symbol code of safety belts. According to the way of use, high temperature resistant gloves can be divided into two categories, namely, pole safety belt and hanging and climbing safety belt

the safety belt for pole work is suitable for electricians, telecom workers, landscapers and other pole work. The main varieties are: single belt type of electrician girth, anti falling type of electrician girth, single belt type of general 1 girth rope, single belt type of General 11 girth rope, single belt type of telecommunication girth rope and cowhide electrician safety belt

suspension and climbing safety belt is suitable for construction, shipbuilding, installation, maintenance, lifting, bridge, quarrying, mining, acid and alkali resistant gloves, highway recovery, railway shunting and other high altitude operations. According to the structure, it can be divided into three types: single belt type, double strap type and climbing type. Among them, the single belt type has six varieties: scaffolder type 1 suspension safety belt, scaffolder type 11 suspension safety belt, railway shunting worker suspension safety belt, telecommunication worker suspension safety belt, general type 1 suspension safety belt and general type 11 suspension self-locking safety belt; There are five kinds of double strap type: general type 1 hanging double strap type safety belt, general type 11 hanging Suzhou labor protection articles hanging double strap type safety belt, general type 111 hanging double strap type safety belt, general type 1V hanging double strap type safety belt and all wire rope safety belt; There are three kinds of climbing styles: general type 1 climbing belt, general type 11 climbing labor protection belt and general climbing fixed type

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