Selection, use, maintenance and storage of gas masks

The correct selection, use, maintenance and safekeeping of gas masks are the key to fully reflect their protection function and reliability. 1f there is a good mask, due to improper selection, use and maintenance, its gas protection performance will be reduced or even lost. Therefore, it is very important to understand the use and maintenance of gas masks< 1. Scope of use of gas mask: filter type gas mask is a kind of personal protective equipment which takes the wearer’s own breathing as the driving force and filters and purifies harmful substances in the air. 1t can only be used in a non oxygen deficient working environment (that is, the oxygen content is not less than 18%, the poisonous gas in the air is less than 2%, and the temperature is – 30-45 ℃). Long tube respirator should be used in the case of anoxic closed containers such as tanks and tanks, high concentration of toxic agents or unknown types2. Selection of gas mask: 1) selection of mask: correct selection of mask can not only ensure the air tightness of mask, but also reduce the influence of harmful space and the pressure of mask on the head. Therefore, it is necessary to select suitable mask according to the different characteristics of operation conditions and the head characteristics of operators 1. Tf6d, tf6d-a, tf3d, tf4d and tf5d are all-round masks with large field of vision and single eye window. The sealing frame of this kind of mask is reflexive edge, which is comfortable to wear and easy to air tight. The water shield structure is adopted for lens protection, which can ensure good lens protection performance when the mask is in use. The large eye window lens is made of polycarbonate, which has a wide field of vision, good optics and washability. The mask is also equipped with a talker. The talker can transmit sound clearly, and can be directly connected with the level 2 filter or connected with the level 3 filter through the air duct

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