Self priming long hose anti-virus surface to protect high-risk operation safety

On the afternoon of May 27, the refining post of Anqing Petrochemical cracking unit was in the highly dangerous area of hydrogen sulfide, and the liquid level gauge of reflux tank on the top of regeneration tower was successfully replaced online. Due to the whole process of on-site operation, safety production is ensured

recently, the color of glass level gauge of reflux tank on the top of regeneration tower turns black and the liquid level can not be seen clearly. On that day, the Ministry arranged maintenance personnel to replace the liquid level gauge. The medium in the overhead reflux tank of the regeneration tower is acid water, which contains 50% hydrogen sulfide, and the main component of the acid gas from the top of the tank is also hydrogen sulfide gas. When the concentration of hydrogen sulfide is too high, it can make people intoxicated and comatose, even lightning death. Hydrogen sulfide is a high-risk toxic and harmful substance

the reflux drum on the top of the regeneration tower is the most concentrated container of hydrogen sulfide in the unit, and it is the most critical dangerous point of the unit, with high operation risk. Everyone’s “safety string” immediately tightened” To change the liquid level timing, in order to prevent sudden leakage of hydrogen sulfide, which may cause safety accidents, the device safety officer, process equipment technician and post personnel all have to go to the site, and 1 will also go to the site to participate in the whole process of operation monitoring. ” At the morning shift meeting, leader Bi assigned his work by name

for the high-risk operation of hydrogen sulfide on site, the Department has strict management and detailed requirements to ensure that every work link is safe. After taking over the shift, with the cooperation of everyone, the on-site hydrogen sulfide test and analysis, risk level by level identification, operation safety disclosure, and safety precautions before operation were implemented one by one

two self-priming long hose gas masks were also moved onto the platform. Everyone was busy pulling the 15 meter long hose apart and putting the air duct on the air inlet. The maintenance master put on the long hose gas mask and began to replace the liquid level gauge. Three sets of hydrogen sulfide alarm are placed in different directions to detect the whole process. Nearly ten guardians stood at the upper air outlet and prepared for the sudden leakage of hydrogen sulfide” Preventive measures are in place. Although the high concentration hydrogen sulfide tank is close at hand, we are not afraid of it. ” During the operation, everyone carefully monitored that none of them were deserters, and they all stood at the front line of danger

nearly an hour later, with everyone’s efforts, the online operation at high-risk points of hydrogen sulfide ended safely

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