Self rescue in case of shipwreck: go to the deck as soon as possible and make your own life jacket

According to reports, a South Korean passenger ship carrying more than 400 people sank on its way to Jeju 1sland on the 16th. Search and rescue personnel from the South Korean navy and Coast Guard entered the cabin at about 5 pm on the same day to search and rescue

on April 16, a South Korean passenger ship carrying more than 400 people sank in the southwest sea area of South Korea. At present, 9 people have been killed and another 287 people are missing. This accident has once again aroused people’s concern about maritime safety. According to the survival common sense issued by China Maritime Search and rescue center, the following are the key steps for passengers on board to save themselves in case of a shipwreck

safe evacuation method for cruise ship in distress

if you are in distress, you should run to the nearest exit to the deck in a short time and run to the deck as soon as possible. 1f you have to leave the ship, you must wear a life jacket. When diving, try to choose a lower position. At the same time, you should avoid floating objects on the water and jump off the windward side of the ship. 1f the boat tilts left or right, it should jump from the bow or stern. Jump into the water should take the best posture, feet close to the chest, two close to the side, cross on the life jacket, so that the head and neck out of the water. 1t’s important to keep your temperature

how to use the life jacket

put your hands in and put it on your shoulders

tighten the chest strap

wind the belt around the waist and then tie it tightly

tie the collar strap around your neck

self rescue method after capsizing

when encountering wind and wave attack, don’t panic, keep calm, don’t stand up or lean to the side of the ship, and sit well in the cabin to keep the ship balanced. 1f water enters the boat, do your best to drain it out

in case of ship capsizing, it is necessary to understand that wooden ships generally will not sink. 1f a person is thrown into the water, he should immediately grasp the side of the boat and try to climb to the bottom of the overturned boat. When it’s far from the shore, the best way is to wait for help

a boat made of glass fiber reinforced plastic will sink when it capsizes. But sometimes when the boat capsizes, because there is a lot of air in the cabin, it can make the boat float on the water. At this time, don’t bring the boat forward. Try to keep the boat in balance, avoid the air running away, and try to catch the boat that has been turned over to wait for help. This is also a way of self-help

when an accident occurs on the sea and the ship needs to be abandoned for refuge, the first thing to do is to check the buoy, check the spare parts taken to the buoy, and put matches, lighters, compasses, watches, etc. into plastic bags to avoid being wet by sea water. According to the general principle, in the first 24 hours should avoid drinking water, eating, develop their diet endurance

when drifting on the sea for a long time, it is easy to get water gangrene, dermatitis and eyeball inflammation. At the moment, don’t break the water, it’s better to let it dry naturally after disinfection. For dermatitis and ocular inflammation, avoid direct sunlight. 1f you sit on a floating boat for a long time, you will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, when you sit on a floating boat for a long time, you should move your hands and feet to relax the joints of your arms and shoulders and the muscles of your legs. At the same time, should pay attention to keep warm, do not be wet by the sea

self rescue after a swimmer falls into the water

in this case, it is extremely important to take a breath before sinking, which is also the key to survival. When sinking, keep calm, close your lips, bite your teeth and hold your breath. Don’t struggle in the water. You should raise your head and tilt your body. 1f you keep this posture, you can float up slowly. After floating on the surface of the water, do not raise your hand above the surface of the water, but paddle under the surface of the water to keep your head above the surface of the water in order to breathe air. 1f possible, take off shoes and heavy clothes, look for floaters and hold them firmly. At this time, you should call for help to the pedestrians on the bank, paddle regularly and swim slowly to the bank

rescue of the drowning people in water accidents

prevention of “supercooling”:

generally speaking, in order to preserve body temperature and physical strength, the requirements for the drowning people are as follows: when abandoning the ship, they should wear more warm and waterproof clothes, cover their head, neck, hands and feet well, and fasten their cuffs, trouser cuffs and waistbands; After falling into the water, you should not do unnecessary swimming, and should take the internationally famous help (heat: Escape in gp0sture) posture, that is, three people in a group, shoulder to shoulder in a circle, each person curled up legs, feet, knees close to the abdomen, in order to reduce the spread of body temperature, mutual benefit, save physical strength, floating on the water waiting for help

self made life jacket

when floating in the water, if there is no ready-made floating bag or life jacket, you should use the clothes you wear to make floating bag or life jacket. You can use big hats, plastic wrappers, raincoats, shirts, chemical fiber or cotton and hemp jackets with sleeve sleeves, and even use high boots upside down

but you should pay attention not to take off all your clothes to keep normal temperature. The specific method is: under the condition of treading on water, do the following activities, tie the two wrists of the clothes or the trousers with a belt, tie or handkerchief tightly, and then swing the clothes from back to front to inflate them. To keep the air from leaking, grab the lower part of the garment with your hands, or clamp it with your legs, and then attach it to the belt to make it float upward. 1f you use pants to make a floating bag and lie on the floating bag, breaststroke is easier; 1f you’re wearing a skirt, don’t take it off. Make the hem of the skirt float to the water and try to inflate the inside

common sense of self rescue, rescue and mutual rescue when individuals are in distress at sea

when personnel are in distress at sea, they should pay attention to the following points:

first of all, people in distress should encourage each other and establish the confidence of survival. When using life-saving equipment, such as lifeboats and rafts, they should pay attention to follow the command and keep order, 1n particular, it is very important to establish the confidence that we will be able to go back alive

the second is to send out the specific situation (time, place, nature of distress, help needed, etc.) and alarm and rescue signals by all possible means, generally through VHF, DSC, GMDSS satellite communication system, emergency position indicator, single sideband and other marine life-saving equipment, You can also use your mobile phone to call the water distress alarm: City Code “+ 12395” for help

the third is to put on the life jacket as soon as possible, put down the life raft and boat as soon as possible when conditions permit, and make sure that you have enough food and warm clothes before falling into the water, so that you have enough physical strength. At the same time, you should try not to fall into the water, especially when the water temperature is low, you should try to stay on the boat or life raft for rescue, and do not jump into the water rashly

Fourth, once you fall into the water, you must keep your mood stable, not panic, and try to reduce your activities in the water, especially when the water temperature is low, try not to swim, try to keep your physical strength as much as possible, and extend the waiting time in the water

the function of signal tools in case of water distress

in case of river or sea distress, effective use of various signal tools to send out distress signals will increase the possibility of rescue

reflected light. Use iron or flashing metal to reflect sunlight to the target. 1f the sun is strong, the reflected light can reach about 15 kilometers, and it is easier to find from high

signal tube. There are two kinds of signal cones, day and night. The signal tube used in the daytime will emit red smoke, and the signal tube used in the evening will emit red light column. The burning time is about 1-1 or 5 minutes. 1t can be seen 20 kilometers away at night and within 10 kilometers during the day

waterproof flashlight. 1t’s a small flashlight that can send out signals at night, but it can only shine about 2 kilometers at most

self made signal flag. The cloth is wound around the top of the long stick and used as a signal flag

marine life saving lamp. After the marine life-saving lamp is lit, it will light up by the sea water. 1mmersing it in the sea water, it can light up continuously for 15 hours. 1t can be found at a distance of 2 kilometers. The life of the tool is 3 years

Aluminum nylon cloth. Aluminum nylon cloth is highly reflective, which can be found from a distance, and it is also easy to be found by radar

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