selling fake “3M” masks Online

Recently, Huainan industry and Commerce Bureau received a report from Minnesota Mining Manufacturing (China) 1nvestment Co., Ltd., the authorized client of 3M company in the United States, reflecting that a trading company in Huainan sold counterfeit “3M” gas masks, masks and other goods. Through this clue, the industrial and commercial department smashed a fake selling den and transferred it to the public security organ< According to reports, Minnesota Mining Manufacturing (China) 1nvestment Co., Ltd. has found through online monitoring that since 2016, a trading company in Huainan has sold 3M anti-virus masks and other products at significantly lower than the market price through Alibaba wholesale online stores without authorization of 3M company, with a large number of online transactions and large sales amount after receiving the report, the law enforcement officers of the Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce, together with the Municipal Public Security Bureau, immediately carried out overnight raids on a trading company in Huainan. After investigation, it was found that there were a large number of counterfeit “3M” products in the warehouse of the company. According to the on-site inventory of law enforcement officers, there are 12 kinds of counterfeit “3M” masks and gas masks, a total of 11949, and the value of goods in stock is 10636 yuan according to the preliminary investigation, this batch of counterfeit “3M” products were purchased from Linyi logistics transfer office in Shandong Province by the party concerned through logistics delivery. The supplier and the party concerned did not directly meet for transactions, and the payment for goods was directly paid to the delivery personnel of the logistics company in cash. After purchase, the parties retail through Taobao online store and wholesale through Alibaba online store after verification, the total amount of sales of counterfeit “3M” goods through Taobao online store is 2918.45 yuan, and the total amount of suspected sales of counterfeit “3M” goods through Alibaba online store is 78229 yuan due to the large amount of illegal business, the Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce has transferred the case to the public security department for investigation

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