septicemia caused by stabbing by fish, shrimp and crab, and rubber gloves should be worn when handling seafood

Mr. Huang, who was stabbed by fishbone, was infected with Vibrio vulnificus and appeared obvious “osteofascial compartment syndrome”

at present, it is the crab eating season, so the public should be alert to being stabbed when peeling crab

it is reported that a 75 year old man in Guangzhou recently suffered from necrotizing fasciitis after he was injured by a pair of crab tongs when he was handling a crab. Within three days, the disease developed rapidly, and eventually died due to the illness

experts remind the public to be more careful when contacting and handling seafood, otherwise they may even die

case 1

his finger was slightly punctured by fishbone, but he was infected with “killer” bacteria

a month ago, Mr. Huang, a citizen, was accidentally punctured by fishbone in the pulp of his left index finger when he was handling seafood at home. At that time, there was only slight pain and a small amount of bleeding, so he was not interested. Unexpectedly, the next day, his left palm and forearm were red and painful, and there were light red blisters and exudates at the root of his palm. Mr. Huang rushed to Zhongshan Hospital

the doctor found that Mr. Huang was infected with Vibrio vulnificus, which is known as the “killer in the sea”. The mortality rate of the disease within 48 hours was as high as 50%, and the overall mortality rate was 70%. Because of the rapid progress of infection, many patients were forced to amputate and could not save their lives. Doctor said, Mr. Huang left forearm has appeared obvious “osteofascial compartment syndrome”, muscle and nerve compression, will soon be ischemic necrosis, only emergency incision decompression to keep the affected limb

after more than 4 hours of emergency operation, most of the muscle and nerve functions of Mr. Huang’s hand and forearm were preserved. With the later treatment, the bacteria can be effectively controlled

according to the doctor, if the wound comes into contact with polluted seawater, shells or fish, it may be infected with such Vibrio. Generally speaking, most infections are mild; But for high-risk groups, this kind of Vibrio infection may spread rapidly, and lead to serious myositis and myometritis, leading to serious gangrene

case 2

he was stabbed in his right foot by a fishbone, but he still didn’t save his life after amputation

in May 2013, Mr. Zhuang went to the aquatic wholesale market to buy a sea bass with a weight of more than one kilogram, and was ready to go home to make soup for his son. On the way, the bag containing the fish broke and Mr. Zhuang’s right foot was injured by the thorn on the fish. As the wound was small, he didn’t care. At night, his feet became red and swollen, and the pain intensified. The next morning, he had a high fever, so he went to Zhongshan Hospital for emergency treatment. Unexpectedly, his condition developed rapidly. The doctor found that his blood pressure was always low and suggested that he be hospitalized immediately

only six hours later, at 11:00 p.m., his condition deteriorated rapidly, with severe sepsis, ulceration of his right foot, and he was pushed into the operating room. His condition was still out of control. 1n order to save his life, the doctor had to amputate his right knee, which was only 50 hours after he was stabbed. However, in the end, due to multiple organ failure, Mr. Zhuang was not able to escape bad luck and died due to ineffective rescue< According to Xiu Yibin, deputy chief physician of emergency department of Zhongshan Hospital, after bacterial culture, it was found that the pathogenic bacteria of Mr. Zhuang was Aeromonas hydrophila. This kind of bacteria has strong pathogenicity, can cause septicemia in a short time, resulting in multiple organ failure [reminder] seafood stabbing should be disinfected if you have symptoms, you should see a doctor in time J1ANG Xiaoyong, deputy chief physician of Dermatology Department of Zhongshan Hospital, said that during daily treatment, people often get stabbed and infected by fish, shrimp, crab, Squilla and other seafood, mainly among kitchen workers and aquatic practitioners, 1t’s a common bacterial infection. A few months ago, he once received a patient who was a delivery boy. When delivering live fish in the shop, his finger was punctured by the fishbone. The next day, his whole finger was red and swollen, and he was diagnosed as “erysipelas like”” “Erysipelas” generally has no systemic symptoms, but some patients will have fever, joint pain, multiple organ damage and other systemic symptoms. Jiang Xiaoyong pointed out that there is also a more serious infection – swimming pool granuloma, which is also mainly seen in aquatic workers and kitchen workers Xiu Yibin, deputy chief physician of emergency department of Zhongshan Hospital, reminded that seafood may carry pathogenic bacteria. 1f it is stabbed or the wound comes into contact with polluted sea water, it can lead to wound infection, and then lead to sepsis, cellulitis, etc., causing limb necrosis and even threatening life. Although the public need not be too nervous, they should not take it lightly in case of being stabbed by seafood he reminded that when dealing with seafood, aquatic and kitchen practitioners, as well as people who keep tropical fish, should wear rubber gloves when changing water and cleaning fish tanks to avoid skin scratches. 1f the skin is scratched, it should be cleaned and disinfected in time. Once skin symptoms appear, we must go to the hospital in time

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