Service life and scrapping principle of special protective equipment

The service life of labor protection articles is related to many factors, such as the workplace environment, the use frequency of labor protection articles, the nature of labor protection articles and so on. 1n some areas, rigid regulations have been formulated according to the actual situation. For example, according to the working environment, Shandong Province stipulates that the service life of safety helmets used by factories and mining enterprises is 36 months for slab operation in metallurgical rolling plants; Working in cold water for 48 months; 24 months for coal operation and civil engineering operation; The period of installation, drilling and sampling is 12 months. The service life of labor protection articles is different in different areas

1. service life of commonly used special protective equipment

1. Service life of safety belt

after two years of use, the safety belt should be inspected once according to the situation of bulk buyers. 1f qualified, this batch of safety belts can continue to be used. The safety rope must be replaced before the belt can be used again. 1f the rope is used frequently, the appearance inspection shall be conducted frequently. 1f any abnormality is found, the rope shall be replaced immediately. The service life of the tape is 3-5 years

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