Service life of safety helmet

Service life of safety helmet: calculated from the date of product manufacturing. The plant branch weaves the hat not to surpass two years. Plastic cap and paper cap shall not exceed two and a half years. Glass fiber reinforced plastic (vinylon steel) rubber cap no more than three and a half years. 1f it exceeds the limit, it should be tested. 1f it is qualified, it can continue to be used. But after that, it should be tested regularly. The cycle seems to be one month. 1f it is unqualified once, the whole batch will be scrapped

what is the service life of the helmet? Where does the law come from? Gb2811: from the date of completion of manufacture, the number of branch preparation cap shall not exceed 2 years, plastic paper cap shall not excee2.5 years, and glass fiber reinforced plastic cap shall not exceed 3.5 years.

is a compulsory standard

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