Service points of labor insurance products in Qinghai Oilfield are popular

From the middle of January, there was a problem with the labor protection products of the front-line employees in Huatugou of Qinghai Oilfield, which could be solved by setting up a labor protection product service point in Huatugou instead of taking them back to the Dunhuang oilfield labor service factory

the service items of labor insurance product service points are set according to the requirements of extensive collection of production line staff. The problems encountered by employees, such as inappropriate size of work clothes and shoes, stitching and repairing, changing zippers and buttons, can be solved in time at the service point

the establishment of labor insurance product service points is generally welcomed by front-line employees. 1n the next step, Qinghai Oilfield will gradually set up labor insurance product service points in other parts of the oilfield to solve the worries of employees according to the operation effect of service points and the needs of employees

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