Set up “illegal operation exposure platform” for enterprises

1n recent years, many enterprises have set up “exposure table of illegal operation”, which will be published in the column of exposure table of enterprise LAN when the violation of construction personnel’s on-site operation is found in the safety inspection. At the same time, the competent unit is ordered to rectify within a time limit and report the rectification implementation to the safety supervision department. For a period of time, the exposure of illegal operation has greatly reduced the Habitual Violation of rules and regulations of the production personnel of the enterprise, and made the safe production operation step into the track of standardization” The practice of “illegal operation exposure platform” can not help but make people applaud

first, the establishment of “exposure desk” is an important measure to realize the humanized management of “people-oriented, safety first”. 1t makes employees understand that the purpose of illegal operation exposure is to show sincere love for employees, awaken everyone’s safety atmosphere from the heart, and add a safety protection line in the employees’ mind

secondly, improve the safety awareness of the majority of workers at the construction site and the consciousness of implementing safety production regulations, further enhance the awareness of self-protection and prevention, promote the majority of workers to understand the hazards of illegal operation, and play a good effect of investigation and punishment, education and touching the whole situation

thirdly, to avoid other people’s repeated mistakes, to provide “negative teaching materials” for safety analysis meeting, so that the majority of employees can learn from them, further improve the importance of safety production, and truly implant the safety concept into people’s hearts

it can be seen that the establishment of “exposure platform for illegal operation” is an important measure of safety culture education in enterprises. 1t plays an immeasurable role in the safety education of employees, and is more conducive to the occurrence of insufficient persuasion and weak warning in the past anti illegal work, so as to firmly establish safety awareness, Consolidate safety production and promote the realization of safety objectives. 1t is worth spreading

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