Set up occupational health “umbrella” for employees

“1t’s very considerate of the company. We have sunscreen in the labor protection products. Sister Hu, you don’t have to be afraid of tanning now! ” Xiao Wang, the first gas station of xiannvhu oil company in Xinyu, looks at the labor protection equipment in his hand and talks to the foreman happily

with the coming of summer, the temperature is gradually rising. 1n order to protect the personal and work safety of employees, recently, Xinyu petroleum sincerely cares about the health of employees, and has meticulously equipped all kinds of labor protection products for the cadres and employees of the company, such as oil-resistant gloves, cotton gloves, insulating gloves, hand sanitizer, mosquito repellent and sunscreen. At the same time, the leaders of each county branch company went to each gas station in person to hand over the labor protection articles to the grassroots employees at the first time. They told the gas station to pay attention to the physical and mental health of the employees and implement the labor protection measures, which was highly praised by the front-line employees

in recent years, Xinyu petroleum has focused on the physical and mental health of its employees. Through improving the occupational health management files of its employees, doing a good job in occupational health testing in various workplaces, distributing labor protection appliances to its employees in time, conducting regular physical examination for occupational diseases, strengthening occupational health publicity and education, and constantly improving the living and working environment of its employees, Xinyu petroleum has made great efforts to improve the quality of its employees, The “umbrella” of occupational health has been set up for employees, which reflects the humanistic care of the company and improves the satisfaction and happiness index of employees

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