Seven characteristics of work clothes

Work clothes, also known as professional clothes, usually refer to the uniform clothes for enterprises and institutions in the process of professional production and labor, which have the protective effect and uniform image

professional wear can be used not only to indicate professional characteristics, but also for work

professional wear plays an important role in C1 system, so it is very important. Employees wear standardized uniform and clear professional clothes to carry out their own work, which is conducive to gradually form the centripetal force and cohesion of the enterprise, and work hard according to the concept and spirit of the enterprise. At the same time, it can also make users, consumers and visitors have a good impression on the image of professional clothing and its corresponding products and service quality, and have a common sense of values and identity, which virtually increases the competitiveness of its competition

work clothes have the following characteristics:

1, the age

era, reflected by the factors such as politics, economy, popularity, culture, literary trend of thought and so on through the color, shape, ornaments and so on. The characteristics of the times are transformed from the essence of dress tradition, and adapted from many foreign clothes. 1t has distinct characteristics of the times and historical brand

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