Seven points for safe use of electric water heater

1. The indoor wiring of the family should be reliably grounded, and the grounding resistance value should not be greater than 4 Ω. Household socket, no matter single-phase power supply or three-phase power supply, its grounding must be connected with the ground wire of the power supply, and the grounding electrode of the socket is not allowed to be empty. 1f it is not allowed to connect the ground wire due to the condition, please use the product with anti electricity wall. Midea adopts the super long anti electricity wall product (50% longer than the general anti electricity wall). Even if there is leakage, its current can be controlled at about the power of two dry batteries, which maximally prevents the risk of leakage2. The electric water heater should be equipped with a fixed special socket instead of a mobile power terminal board. The structure, capacity and socket size of the socket shall match the power plug of the electric water heater. The socket should be placed above the horizontal position of the water outlet of the electric water heater. To avoid the risk of short circuit caused by water splashing, it is better to use the socket with waterproof protection< 3. When using the electric water heater, it is not allowed to turn off the power supply through the switch on the socket, because the leakage protection plug can not work after turning off the power supply of the socket, and it can not provide protection in case of ground wire live fault< 4. Check regularly (usually weekly) and press the "test" button of the leakage protection plug to confirm that the leakage protection plug can work normally< 5. To maintain and clean the outside of the electric water heater, cut off the power supply first, do not spray with water, and wipe it with a soft cloth< 6. 1f the power cord is damaged, in order to avoid danger, the special power cord provided by the manufacturer must be used and replaced by professional maintenance personnel< 7. The service life of the electric water heater should not exceed 6 years. 1f it continues to be used beyond the service life, there will be potential safety hazards and it needs to be replaced in time

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