Several points for attention in cleaning exterior wall

High altitude operation is the difficulty of cleaning company, which is dangerous, but it is also a business project with considerable income. A high-rise building is windy and rainy, so it is not good not to clean. Only do a good job of cleaning in time can we avoid or reduce the damage of external wall surface. Therefore, it is necessary for us to make a special introduction to work at height, cleaning the external wall or glass curtain wall< At present, there are mainly two ways to clean the exterior wall: hanging board and window cleaning the way of lifting plate is to lift people to the working position with lifting rope and lifting plate for cleaning. This kind of sound mode is relatively simple and low cost. 1t can be carried out as long as the workers have good physical quality and the rope is firmly connected. General buildings can be cleaned in this way, but the operation in this way must make the safety measures in place, otherwise it is very dangerous, and the casualties are caused by the lack of safety measures2. Conditions of external wall cleaning 1. Climatic conditions: the external wall cleaning must be carried out under good climatic conditions, the wind force should be less than grad4, and stop working above grade 4. Therefore, the wind force should be measured before work, especially at high altitude. 1n addition, rain, snow, fog, poor visibility, high temperature (above 35 ℃) and low temperature (below 0 ℃) are not suitable for external wall cleaning< Personnel conditions: in order to implement the national safety regulations and ensure the personal safety of workers and the normal operation of equipment, it is stipulated that the high-altitude operator must be a male citizen over 18 years old, who has undergone physical examination and safety technical training and passed the examination before work. The workers are not allowed to drink alcohol before work, and suspend high-altitude work if they have physical discomfort symptoms such as cold 3. Equipment condition: the equipment for cleaning the external wall must be in good working condition. 1f the hanging plate is hairy or some rope strands are gradually cracked, the new rope should be replaced immediately< Before going to work, we must carefully check the mechanical equipment, appliances, ropes, seat boards and safety belts to ensure that the mechanical performance is good and all kinds of appliances are normal

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