Shaanxi Yuanfeng won the honor of “recommended brand of police equipment in national public security system”

On December 6, in Beijing People’s Public Security University of China, the 2016 “police equipment brand most concerned by the national public security police” selection activity lasted nearly half a year. After many links, such as enterprise application, qualification examination, police voting, expert evaluation and so on, Shaanxi Yuanfeng stood out from many professional police equipment enterprises, 1t won the title of “recommended brand of police equipment in national public security system”

as the R & D and testing base of China’s security and protection textiles and the catalog enterprise of the police equipment procurement center of the Ministry of public security, Shaanxi Yuanfeng has undertaken the key research plan of the Ministry of public security “special police training clothing fabric development technology research” project in recent years, focusing on the market demand of high-end special protection fields such as police protection, military protection, fire fighting, emergency rescue and so on The national “12th Five Year” science and technology support plan special topic “police training clothing special functional fabric differential fiber composite technology” project, Shaanxi Province major science and technology innovation special fund “firefighter protective clothing series material technology research and industrialization” project and other major scientific research projects, have launched the special police training clothing fabrics, police training clothing (duty clothing) special functional fabrics, special functional fabrics, special functional fabrics Firefighter protective clothing series fabrics and other police equipment series of innovative products

the innovative products of police equipment series have realized the integrated innovation of flame retardant, high temperature resistance, high strength anti tearing, anti-static, anti oil and water repellent, anti acid and alkali protection functions, and the overall technical level has reached the international advanced and domestic leading level. The promotion and application of the products broke the international monopoly, filled the domestic blank, and significantly improved the protection level of China’s police equipment. The “national public security system police equipment recommended brand” is the company’s “Fangke” police equipment brand highly recognized

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